Friday, August 2, 2013

My Dance Motivation Fitness (DMF) experience!

Guys. I got to learn choreography for Mrs. Turner's Rolling on the river, what else can I say?!

Wednesday night, I was invited to a Dance Motivation Fitness (DMF) class and I couldn't have been more excited. When I got the invitation, I double checked their website to see exactly what I was getting myself into. It looked like an upbeat cardio dance class that was going to be a ton of fun- and it was!

According to their website, Dance Motivation Fitness (DMF) is a dance-fitness experience. It blends equal parts motivation with dance-cardio and strength training in a positive, fun-loving and supportive atmosphere. Developed by Lindi Duesenberg, a leading NYC fitness instructor at Physique 57 and veteran dancer known for her motivation and mind/body approach to wellness, DMF has something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Lindi and Anna were our instructors for the class. Before it started, I made sure to ask about modifications (can't risk it too much with these old lady knees!) and Anna was the one to follow for that. There was never any pressure to do anything I couldn't do (except be coordinated! haha), but most of the moves were completely manageable. However, the music and the atmosphere were so upbeat, it made you want to do them full out, Beyonce-style! Sadly, I am not as coordinated as they are, so I spent a lot of time trying to just get the moves down without doing bodily harm to the people around me. 

 see? I was concentrating.

Throughout the class, Lindi was really great about motivating us. I was extremely impressed that she remembered all of our names and used them when she would call inspirations to us. She did a great job of making sure everyone was doing ok and having a great time, and how could you not? I did the running man to Ice Ice Baby with no shame. It was amazing! The time flew by and felt more like fun than working out (except that one song where I thought my thighs might burn off, but again, Lindi totally made me feel like I was the strongest person ever and I did it!)

For attending the event, Lindi put together a great gift bag of a few of her favorite healthy living things to share with us. Lucky for me, we have similar (aka awesome!)taste. The bag included Vrou (a flavored mineral water geared for women's health), Kind bars, Sparkly Soul headbands, Runa Tea (locally brewed in Brooklyn!), Soy Joy bars, and Pop Chips! 

If you're in the NYC area and what to check them out (and you should!), just copy and paste this to your twitter and be entered to win a free class:

I want to experience the amazing cardio-dance fest, @dmfnyc! via @abby_arta

Thanks again, Lindi and the entire DMF family!

For more information: 

Cost and Locations:
Tuesdays: 6pm and 7pm at DANY Studios -305 West 38th St.
Wednesdays: 7pm at DANY Studios
Thursdays: 6pm DANY Studios
Saturdays: 2:30pm at Studio Maestro--48 West 68th St.

Single Class: $25 (new clients receive a 2-for-1 special)
Five Class Pack: $110
Ten Class Pack: $200
Student Rate: $19

The DMF Dance Motivation Fitness Team

I was invited to attend this amazing event. I had such a great time, I wanted to share the love with yall- this post, of course, is my own opinion and written of my own accord. 


  1. Sounds like SO much fun! Unfortunately, I have no rhythm and don't dance well...but if I did, I would be all over a class like this! Yay for fun goodie bags! :0)

    1. Neither do I! It was a total no pressure environment. You'd be fine!

  2. Remember everyone's name is one of my biggest struggles in teaching yoga, I am terrible at it! I really wish I could do a better job of using people's names.

    1. It's totally not a necessity but it was a nice touch!

  3. If I was in NYC I would totally check it out! I love dance classes like that (even if I'm totally uncoordinated). How fun!!

  4. That sounds like tons of fun. I really need to shake it up a bit.

    1. You do! Add some fun into the training, it makes a huge difference!