Sunday, May 20, 2012

Full marathon training starts in June.

If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty much taking the rest of the month to chill out on training. I feel like I've been in permanent training mode since December 2010. Now that I have some time to chill out, I'm totally taking it. I think this is a perfect time to give my body some time to heal and get ready for some serious marathon training.

Yes. Full marathon training.

New York City, to be exact.

I'm super scared. Why did I think this was going to be a good idea? I don't think I was this scared for my 1st half. I know 13.1 miles was scary then, but doubling that? That's just insane. We are talking a serious commitment. 5 hr training runs in the summer. Weekends completely consumed by either running or recovering. Cranky mood swings with a permanent hunger. Yikes!

I'm also training for this alone. Technically, Running Partner in Crime, Anna Banana, will be running the race with me but she has a super busy summer away from the city, so it will be just me and Central Park for those early morning summer runs. (She will also be fund-raising for TNT again. Any fund-raising ideas would be greatly appreciated. I plan on making tutus to sell and will be pimping them out via this blog soon. You know you want one ;) We will be setting up a check-in schedule to make sure we are both doing what we're supposed to be doing and for moral support. I don't know how those that train alone do it. Kudos to you! I do not have the motivation or will power. Getting out of a warm bed that houses the best snuggle partner extra early to beat the summer heat for 2hr + run does not sound appealing now, much less then.

What what does sound appealing is getting more bang for my training buck. Seeing as I will already be trained for a full, maintaining it for 2 months so I can run the 20th anniversary WDW Full Marathon seems like a no-brainer. I'm sure you all saw the big announcement with the course changes. I'm a fan of it, although running on the speedway looks like it's going to be hot. I only ran the 2nd part of it last year (which the miserable highway stretch after DAK is still there. I still have nightmares over those miles. I know they're going to be focused on mile 20, but more entertainment on those long stretches would be nice) but it looks like you get to run through Adventureland; Or is that not new? Anyway. Why it took them 20 years to make the course better, I don't know. But I'm excited they did it a year I might actually do it. I'm excited to see the medal (which I have a feeling will look a lot like the logo)- which will have a lot of weight in the decision.

I'm refusing to sign up for it until after I run my 1st one. I know I'm going against my own advice (which is always to sign up for your 2nd one before you run your first so you don't chicken out) but honestly, I'm waiting for the universe to decide this one for me. I might have a better idea after a 20 mile training run, but at the moment I want to wait to see how I feel after the big shabang. If that means it sells out before, then so be it. But it looks like only the Goofy is over 60% and that is definitely not in the cards for me.

I want to run Tinkerbell and Princess for my Coast 2 Coast. That means my January and February are going to be super busy; getting time off of work for that is going to be hard enough as it is. Adding another weekend so close might not be in the cards. If need be, I'm willing to switch out Tinkerbell for Disneyland Half, but Princess is non-negotiable (plus it's an anniversary year, you know how I feel about special medals). I'd rather not though, I want to secure my C2C early so what happened this year doesn't happen again.  

But there are a ton of factors involved to all of this so I should probably focus on training first :-)

What's your big fall race?


  1. You so easily forget that you're not the only person training for that little full in your neck of the woods on November 4th. I did the first back-to-back run yesterday and nearly died. NOLA Summer training is not going to be fun.

    And BTW, you might as well sign up for Disney as well. There really isn't a question as to whether or not you're doing it. Mile 20 awaits.

  2. Holy cow!! A full marathon?! Awesome! I feel very confident in saying I will NEVER do a full marathon but I'm excited for you! Tinkerbell rocked my socks! Tinkerbell & Princess was how I did my C2C this year. I'm so bummed they changed the date so I can't do Tinkerbell in 2013. But I'm with you - Princess is non-negotiable. I think I might need to do the Disneyland Half as well because the C2C medal was awesome!

    1. Emily- I said the same thing and look where I am now?

      Yea, that's date change really screws people up. It's back to back weekends with the WDW marathon weekend. Not cool.