Thursday, May 31, 2012

Raw Threads winnings!

Stephanie had a giveaway for Raw Threads and I won! YaY!!

I was super excited to buy one after I had seen them at many of the RnR expos I went to, but never got around to it. Then Fruit Fly bought one at RnR Vegas and I was super jealous. I wanted to get one in January at Disney but I couldn't decide on a design.

Even though I'm not a fan of the Ed Hardy look (sorry), I am a fan of another shirt that says I'm a rockstar, bc I am one :-)

While browsing on their site, I fell madly in love with the race you to the castle shirt. Unfortunately, it won't be stocked on the site until August/ September. . . perfect timing for the ToT10M ;-) (BTW, I've decided to tag it ToT10M, exactly like that. . so all 20,000 people running it need to refer to it that way.. . it's easiest and makes sense. . it drives me nuts on twitter when people reference the same event 107 different ways. . . is that just me? ok. . moving on).

It came in the mail the other day and as soon as I opened it, I put it on. 1. I was super excited b/c it fit! Most sporting/different material other than cotton, run small and I can't fit into them. Raw Threads said they ran big on their site, but I never believe companies. They were right though. I was super happy. 2. It's so soft and comfortable and quickly turning into my favorite. Can't wait until Sept to get my Castle one.

(PS- Just noticed the v-neck one I want isn't on the site anymore. Boo. I hope it shows back up).

 Thanks, Stephanie and Raw Threads!

What's your favorite tee and why?

Just in case: No one paid me to say all this. Yes, I won it randomly for free. I really like the product and wanted to share with you how awesome it is. 

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  1. ToT10M - I can totally work with that one!

    I almost bought another shirt from that company. I think it said Bahston Runnah on it, or something like that. But I didn't. It is seriously so soft, LOVE their shirts!!