Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things I learned on (training) hiatus.

Yesterday was my 1st day back to the gym. I felt amazing until about mile 2. Then my left hip and foot started annoying me, which is funny because it's usually my right. Today I feel a little too sore for only having done a 3 miler, but I can't blame it all on running. Trying to do advanced yoga while still recovering, probably wasn't the best plan ever. My . I will definitely be trying to ease back into it. During that time on the dreadmill, I thought about all the things I learned post- marathon. So, without further ado...

Things I learned on (training) hiatus!
View from the couch

Being on hiatus is kind of like being unemployed, you have the opportunity to do all the things you wanted to do when you couldn't, yet all you end up doing is sleeping a lot.

There are some pretty good shows on TV. During training, I barely had time to see the ones I do watch (Modern Family and The New Normal). Post marathon couch laying and Hulu Plus allowed me to explore 2 new favorites: Nashville and The Neighbors. Both are amazing. I needed a new drama and The Neighbors is so funny, you might fall off the couch (just ask B ;)

It's nice not being tired all the time. Although, I do feel a tad slothish, I'm ok with it. Clearly, my body knows this is temporary and hopefully, it won't be as hard to get back into the routine.

There is life outside your apartment! Ha. We saw Wreck It Ralph. If you haven't, I need you to run to the theater now. I don't really like going to the movie theater that often, but this movie I'd see over and over again in those little uncomfortable seats; it was that good. And score! I came up with our Halloween costumes for next year. If anyone sees red overalls, let me know!

I really really missed spending good quality time with the most supportive partner ever. I never could have gotten through it alone and appreciate everything B did to help make my life easier. It's going to take a long time to pay back all that support :) but I'm working on it! 

It's a lot harder to eat right. In training mode, all I did was work, go to the gym, and sleep. It's easy to eat right that way. I had time to go to dinner with friends, and that doesn't always mean ordering the healthiest thing on the menu. I can definitely tell the difference. My body feels absolutely disgusting and I paid dearly.

With that being said, miraculously I did not gain weight. In fact, I lost 3 pds from the week before the taper. That's a plus. 10 more pounds and I will be the weight I was a year ago. Funny, it was The RnR Savannah Half that really messed me up last year. Must remember not to repeat.

The marathon really was just about me and the city. I think we've come to terms with each other now that our emotions aren't so heightened. I'm sure it'll still throw things at me, but at least now I know without a doubt I am stronger.

I've decided I'm probably not going to stop for characters for the WDW Full, unless it's a seriously rare character or someone I want to see with no line. I noticed around mile 24, my legs didn't feel very steady under me and I knew there was no stopping for anything then. I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt myself and I feel like standing in character lines would. I'm sure I will change my mind on this a few times as the race gets closer.

What did you learn post-race?


  1. Post race I learned that I really love NOT spending an entire Sunday running through my small town wondering what the marathon would be like. And I learned that there is a lot less laundry to do when you don't bother to work out at all.

    I'm playing photo stops by ear. I want to Galloway it, obvs, but also maybe try to run from character to character and use photo time as my recovery? I don't know. I guess I'll know my plan once I'm actually out there doing it.

    Did you get the marathon necklace? I totally did. Goofy was sold out, but the marathon seems better anyway, seeing as it is the 20th anniversary and all.

    1. haha. I know!

      Now that it's cold weather, though, laundry is going to be worse!!

      That is a good point, for in the parks, but when there are those long stretches of highway. . . ugh!

      I didn't b/c I heard they're usually not worth the price. Maybe I'll see if they still have em?