Sunday, March 3, 2013

Princess Expo

Disclaimer: For the love of all that is holy always always, make me eat before I need to be in crowded areas. We all should know my tolerance is already very low, on an empty stomach, it's down right dangerous for all those around me. A lot of belligerent crankiness could've been saved with one granola bar- that was conveniently left in the hotel room. 

 By now, I'm sure word has gotten around about the crazy expo shenanigans. None of which was exaggerated. I got there on Saturday and it was still INSANE.

Luckily, everything moved somewhat quickly. We were in the expo with bib in hand in no time. Now getting TO the tshirt line (and figuring out which line that was), into the runDisney merch booth and anywhere else, was going to be annoying. Thankfully, I had my other half with me and we tag teamed those lines like no one's business. B waited in the runDisney merch line (thanks again, babe! You rock ;) while I went to register for The Tower of Terror 10Miler (I was NOT leaving that expo without a runDisney backpack)- it worked perfectly.

There were a few booths I wanted to check out- Lady Foot Locker had some adorable wings you could get your picture with and Team Sparkle had limited edition Princess shirts and hair ties that were adorbs!- but I just couldn't handle anymore pushing. My last request was getting a picture in front of the castle. I've seen the cute picture backgrounds from previous years and I was finally going to be able to get my picture in front of the castle- which turned out to be extremely frustrating and NOT a pleasant experience.

Guys, I don't even wait for real characters as long as I did for this picture. After 10 minutes of being in the line, I stubbornly refused to get out of it. Since I was there so long, I had a chance to observe what was going on. Here's the thing. It wasn't the families and friends with parties of 8 who wanted 5 different group shots AND individuals (although, that was quite obnoxious)- it was the "princes". I'm a total fan of making magical experiences and whatnot, but it wasn't really about making the princess feel special; more of a way to entertain themselves. Not cool. When it was my turn, I just wanted a picture- preferably without them.   
 My Prince Charming was taking the picture ;)
I'm assuming (and hoping) they were NOT actual cast members because I'm pretty sure every character knows when a line gets too long, it's time to start with the "love and shove" technique.
I'm sure that granola bar might've helped lighten this situation, too ;)

Besides that upsetting moment, I was very pleased with my expo haul. I'm super excited about my first RunDisney shirt that actually fits and it's an awesome color. The mesh drawstring bag was a great surprise, too. I also love the new Raw Thread's shirts for Minnie and Mulan- super cute and not too Disney that I wouldn't wear it in public. Kudos! I bought them both.

What's your expo spending weakness?


  1. That's how you got the backpack!!! I saw them all over and was super jealous. Had I known I would have totally signed up for WIne & Dine at the expo!! Haha - I'm not even sure I'm completely going to do it, but I want that backpack!! I missed the Lady Footlocker with wings booth. And the New Balance photo area. But seriously I could not deal anymore with the lines and pushing!!! Nice job on the tag teaming!

  2. I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinking about the expo crowds! But I'm glad you got your backpack and your castle picture. Oh and a HUGE YAY that you got a women's cut rD shirt. Now if we can just get them at all of their races!!! I think we still need to start a petition!