Sunday, November 10, 2013

1 week post-marathon

means I've done NADA!! all week.

Nothing to report this week, still taking it easy. My left groin area/ hip flexor/ leg socket still hurts/ feels like it's going to fall off. It was giving me problems during the taper, and a few days post-marathon, it came back. Hope it goes away soon, because I need to get back into it soon, even though the thought of running is not going to sound appealing anytime soon.

This non-running stuff is making me feel super gross. Like I said before, I haven't been eating well, so I'm hoping once I do start putting nutrients back into my body, it will help especially since I'm not running. Along with that, post-marathon blue are in full effect. I spent all training season, wishing I could go out and be social. I went out twice this weekend and even though it was really fun, both times I wanted to be home in my bed. . . go figure. 

Hopefully, a trip to Disneyworld will be the cure :)

Hope your week was more active than mine! 


  1. agreed i feel so blah without my runs! i've been walking a lot and becoming friends with the bike :)

    1. That's such a good idea. . .if I wasn't so lazy ;)

  2. I also enjoyed rest week this week, and enjoyed every second of it! BLISS!

  3. Disney World!! Woohoo!! Hope its a cure for the post-marathon blues!