Thursday, March 27, 2014

(3Things) Race lotteries, Running internet drama and a Made for More contest

The internet is action packed with running drama this week!

It was really hard not to get swept up in all the excitement for the NYC Marathon lottery this week. Although a part of me is a little bummed I won't be using my 9+1 guaranteed entry, (it is the most amazing marathon ever! But then again, I might be a little bias) there is another gigantic part that is damn excited about not rocking an 18 miler in August. However, I am excited about being able to run the Dash to the Finish Line the day before and participate in all the other festivities of the race without the side of taper madness anxiety. 

So, this blogger chick with a nasty attitude decided to bandit a race, ripped someone else's race selfies off and gets her 15 minutes of fame. I refuse to link her blog, but I will link the GENIUS response from Runner's World. I love that so many runners are against what she did. Back down and apologize gracefully, girlfriend. Attacking people when you're in the wrong is just gross and childish.


Then, Self Magazine gets itself into a world of trouble with this. They included a photo of 2 ladies running in tutus- little did they know that was the owner of Glam Runner, who makes tutus that help support the charity Girls on the Run. ON TOP OF THAT, she was in the midst of chemotherapy for brain cancer when she decided to run the LA marathon as Wonder Woman in a tutu. Ouch, Self. Looks like you've really stepped in it. I've run the 26.2 mile distance 3 times- and all three times in a sparkle skirt and while you might think it's lame, I'm still a bad ass. There are no words to describe what Monika is, she's THAT amazing. Sidenote: I'd like to state for the record, with the exception of a race and even then they're pretty sparse, I've never seen anyone running in a tutu in Central Park. The above photo is in Prospect Park.

On a positive note, Oakley Women's is sponsoring a contest for the NYRR Oakley Women's Mini 10k. I love  their "Made for More" campaign and I'm glad they're continuing to use it this year.


  1. I do NOT understand the tutu bashing. I really don't. Who gives a flying fig what people wear when they run??

  2. Don't even get me started on SELF magazine! I'm still in an outrage (and completely saddened) about that! Ugh. I have run all but 2 of my races without sporting a sparkle skirt and honestly, those were 2 of my worst races! (and both in Queens...why does my own borough hate me?!?!)

    I'm still debating doing the Oakley Women's Mini 10K. I like the idea of a women's focus race that doesn't involve 2 laps on the HILLS OF DOOM, although 1 lap is bad enough lol

    1. See?! Sparkle does make you faster ;)

      Do the Mini! Yes, the hill of Doom is there, but it'll be ok, I promise!

  3. Yep. Lots of drama this week! My head is still spinning from it.

  4. Seriously, the tutu thing really killed me. So ridiculous. And I agree about the girl from Georgia. I hope she gets banned from races.

  5. Of course, I tried to find a link to that girl bc you know I'm nosy like that, but that article you linked was funny!

    The Self article just goes to show that people should make sure that they get all the facts before publishing something. Besides the fact that why should anyone care what others are wearing, the author clearly effed up when they chose a cancer survivor to ridicule.

    Granted, I could not care less what anyone wears to a race. In fact, I think that because we see things like tutus and costumes means your Average Joes are getting off their asses and doing something active. If they're having fun and doing something good for themselves, who cares how they get it done?! It's the same as when people complain about 6-7 hour marathon finish times. Why does this bother people?! Don't they have better things to care about?! You know what first gave me the idea that maybe I could complete my first half? I happened to be at a conference in Vegas during RnR Vegas and I noticed so many runners did not look like what I thought a runner would look like. They looked like me! If they could do it, so could I! It wasn't the elite runners that had me thinking I could do it.

    Wow, I just totes hijacked your page. Sorry, Abs! I should blog about this, lol!