Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NYC Half Marathon App

NYRR's new app for the NYC Half is ready for you to download!
There's tons of useful information for runners AND spectators. I really loved the FAQ section and that you could get local race day weather (although, it never loaded for me) You can even link your social media accounts and I'm assuming tweet/ instagram directly from the app. 

On top of that, there are also continuing with the Run the City Pass- which has a ton of participating businesses offering discounts and special deals for runners and those involved in the race.

I really appreciate having all the race information beforehand and all in one place. It's very similar to the one they had for the marathon in November. Having the race guide mailed out ahead of time, instead of receiving it at the expo, has always been my favorite thing about The New York City Marathon (or the ONLY race I've ever participated in that's done it) and I love that they have figured out a way to do it digitally. It's a great alternative.
I'd love to suggest adding the expo's vendor list somewhere. It would also be nice to have all of the NYRR races that offer the app in one. I hardly have enough space on my phone as it is, so I had to delete the NYCM app (with all my race data) to install this one.

I know some other races have tried to create apps, but I've noticed those mainly focus on social media aspect. This informational app is definitely a trend I'd love to see go viral.

If you are participating in any of the NYC Half events this weekend, and haven't downloaded it yet, I highly suggest you do. It's free and an amazing resource for all things NYC Half!

What's your favorite way to get race event details?


  1. Don't you wish every race had an app like that? I love when runners get discounts at local places too! That makes the usually high race registration not so bad when you get those little extras!

  2. I downloaded it!! This is a super cool app!!

  3. Cool! I hope they have a cool app for the marathon. That looks really neat.

    1. They had one for this past year, so I'm sure they'll have it again.