Sunday, October 7, 2012

The 2nd Terrible 18M Long Run.

I can't believe fall race season is already here! Good luck/ congrats to all my Chicago and Portland Marathon running friends! Yall rock. Please survive so I know I can! 

Did you know that from 14th Street to Washington Heights (181st) is about 9.5 miles? Neither did I, but I found out this weekend. I had an 18/19 miler on the schedule and I could not handle another 3 loops of Central Park, race or not. I set out to take the West side running path from 14th Street and see where it would take me. Luckily, the path went all the way up the island and I didn't have to double back.

NYC Greenway Map
I really liked the west side path. It was a real path the entire way, even if it narrowed at parts. I noticed on the east side, it got kind of sketchy once you hit midtown. There were tons of water fountains and bathrooms, which were also scarce in the east side. The weather was cool and I didn't really notice the painful sun until I was on the way back. It was a little more crowded with pedestrians in midtown due to all the touristy things you can do over there (The Circle Line, The Intrepid and The Carnival Cruise ship docks there, too).

It was scenic, too. Tons of sculptures, boats in the water and places to sit and hang out. I'm definitely a fan, but then again I've always been a west side kinda girl :)

Pain started at mile 12 and I had a few meltdowns. Is that normal? I'm trying to compare full marathon training to half marathon and it's not equaling out, or it is and I'm conveniently forgetting. Should I be having serious pain in my legs and feet that early? I feel like I shouldn't be really hurting until mile 18, but that hasn't been the case. I even took it especially easy and slow. This makes me nervous. Plus, the arch of my foot likes to get muscle spasms and it usually takes a few hours after the run for them to go away. I know the marathon is going to be painful, but I wasn't planning on the training being so much. It's extremely discouraging. 

I really need my PIC for my long runs (even if I only have one more). I need someone there to be able to pull me out of my head so I don't get so freaked out I start crying. It's not a fun feeling. No one should ever do a long run alone. It's torture. The good news is I get to see her soon and our third running partner (The Incredible Megs!) has confirmed she will be running with us. I'm so excited about this amazing reunion, I might forget about all the negative. The more support, the better. I can't take much more of this.

I'm seriously tired of training. 
Anyone else feel this way about marathon training? Tips?

How did your long run go this weekend?


  1. I feel your pain, sister. I'm. So. Over. It.

    My left knee is messed up and I'm really worried about whether or not it's going to be okay for NYCM. Not to mention Goofy. After Goofy, I'm so done with marathons. I actually missed our long run this weekend because I went to a horse show instead, so I need to figure out how to fit it a long run tonight or tomorrow and still have legs that work well enough to ride my horse... :/

    1. Right?! What the hell were we thinking?!
      I'm praying the massage I'm going to get tomorrow will make things better.

      We seriously need to celebrate in January!