Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Haunted 5k Trail Run

Race Day started 4AM early (...and didn't end until 24 hours later). I met up with Wayne and Garth at the fancy fountain at All Star Music, then we boarded the bus to run through the woods behind The Wide World of Sports, for fun.

We got there early enough to take pictures with Mickey, do the cupid shuffle
(which is becoming one of my favorite traditions) and make a potty stop. 

There were corrals set up! 
That made me super happy and I'm sure it did for all the people actually running the race. Even though this is an untimed fun run, organization is always a good thing.

The race started 20 minutes late to let the sun come up because apparently we were really running a trail run. Why that didn't connect for me until I was actually stepping in the dirt, I don't know. I am not a fan of trail runs, but we were walking so I made sure to keep an eye on the ground.

Grass, Dirt, Mud, Sand and Track; talk about ALL Terrain.

The announcers were talking about big bugs and scary critters out on the course, so I was excited to see what "big bugs" were there. Would it be Flik? Or Jiminy?

 No. They meant it literally.
By the time we got to the finish line, we were soaking wet with the humidity. Little did I know, it wouldn't go away by the time the 10M happened that night.

I loved the box of yummy food they gave us at the finish, it was a fabulous tide over to lunch at The California Grill.

Even though we weren't stopping, I was disappointed that there were only a few characters on course- The Big Bad Wolf (which I later got to see for the ToT10M) and some Brear characters. The grave diggers from The Haunted Mansion that are out for the marathon were also on the track that we ran around on our way back to the finish line.

Disney's 5Ks are always a fun warm up to the weekend's events.


  1. I love any kind of Halloween themed race! Sounds like fun! Love the medal.

    1. Me, too! It's my favorite time of the year.

      I feel like the 5k medals are getting bigger, even if they are just rubber.

  2. I love Halloween Mickey!! Or is a scarecrow Mickey? Either way, super cute picture. Bummer there weren't more characters out on the course.

    1. Right?! I've become a fan of getting pictures of Mickey and Minnie in all their costume changes. Makes me happy.

  3. Looks like fun! That medal is really cute. I have to say, if they are going to give out rubber medals, at least Disney does a pretty good job of making them cute.Looking forward to reading the ToT recap.

    1. Right?! I wish the 5k for Marathon weekend was more themed instead of just the classic characters. But ehy are really big!

  4. I like your post better than mine! I'm not reading about your other Disney adventures until I write mine, so that I don't accidentally just copy/paste! ;)

    That race was so much fun. I mean until that day I had NEVER sweat so much in my entire life!!!

    1. Oh whatever! I want to see posts about all the cool things you and Jess did without me!

      It was a fun race but my god. That humidity. WOW!