Thursday, October 11, 2012

WDW Mom's Panel Meet and Greet Luncheon

The Disney Moms panel is a part of Disney's website that helps you find answers to anything and everything pertaining to planning a Disney related trip. The ladies and gentlemen (yes! They aren't all "Moms"- there are Aunts and Grandmas and Dads and Uncles, too!) that make up the panel each have a plethora of expertise, and I'm pretty sure any question you have can be found in their forum search. If not, just ask! That's what they're there for.

Apparently, the Moms like to have a meet and greet luncheon with all of their fans. Luckily, this event fell the weekend I would be in town and I was able to RSVP in time! It was held at the California Grill on the top level of the Contemporary Resort. This worked perfectly into my schedule of the busiest day on vacation ever. After we ran the 5K, we showered and headed over to the event. 

Once we checked on the 2nd floor, there was a lot of waiting. This was a little frustrating because I wasn't sure what to expect and I was on a tight schedule. Jess was convinced they were going to kidnap us and make us sell Amway (what?! I dont know. . ) Once we got up to the actual restaurant, there was a line to get in. Why?

Because Chip and Dale were there to greet us!

They served a delicious lunch that I was super excited to eat (you can only eat so many Disney meals before they all start to taste the same). As we ate and mingled, the Moms came around and introduced themselves. They were all super sweet and friendly, but what else would you have expected? Our favorite was Carolyn. She happens to be a Disneyland specialist and she was also running the 10 miler that night. (PS- I later saw she dressed up with a friend as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I knew I liked her for a reason!)

Once we were finished eating- OMG did you see the size of those Strawberry lemonade cupcakes?! They were a-mazing- we ran around taking photos of the view. We were even allowed outside on the deck. It was beautiful! If you've never been, you really should go and see it sometime.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of the Mom's panel events, I highly suggest it. It's lots of fun mingling with like-minded people who probably will know more about Disney than you with more information that you ever thought imaginable!

What's your favorite part of planning a Disney vacay?


  1. I just finished writing mine - I have to post it when I get to my own house so I can add my photos. Anyway, I laughed because our reports are sooo different from each other!

    *Hopefully they read yours! ;)

    I'm so glad you signed us up. That was a total trip highlight that I've referenced a lot since getting home. And that cupcake ... worth the wait!!

    1. haha! Can't wait to read it!!

      Glad to be of service, that cupcake was pretty damn good :)

  2. Mmm, I am drooling over the cupcake. And the view? Wow!! I think I need to eat at this restaurant just for the view.

    1. Those were pretty much my highlights, too, and I don't even really like sweets!

      Yes, you must! It's amazing. I "heard" you don't need a reservation to go to the bar, so you can go up there to get pictures without the $$$ meal!