Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 (Food) Things

1. I love the idea of yogurt, but I just can't get into it actually eating it. Why does it have to smell like sour milk? It's a favorite of runners for breakfast but just a whiff of that early in the morning makes my stomach turn. Now, Fro-yo, I love and I'd eat it everyday if I could. How much sense does that make? 

2. I've discovered my new love for Tomato Soup, yet I don't eat actual tomatoes. Again, how much sense does that make? I just discovered Hale and Hearty has this delish Tomato Basil with Rice. Yum! I might even start to branch out. I made some at home this week and added cheese and croutons. Culinary genius, I tell you. How do you like your tomato soup?

3. I know I'm late on the juice trend, but it's another new favorite form of nutrition right now. I'm kind of in love with the green juice and I hear rumors that apple celery carrot juice is a good substitute for coffee (not that I'd ever give that up). I'm looking into juicer vs. blender to make my own juices, but the more I look into the more it sounds like an expensive pain in the butt. I think I'll stick to making them $5 a bottle treats. What are your thoughts on it? Any tips?


  1. Don't smell the yogurt :)

    My fav right now is Greek 100 Calorie Key Lime...add in a little granola for crunch and it's like a key lime pie! Delish!

    I love Naked juice. I love the idea of juicing, but no I'd be too lasy to actually do it.

    1. haha! Thanks for the advice, Michael! Can't help it sometimes, though!

      I heart Key Lime Pie!

      Agree. I just don't know if I can justify the $5 bottle.

  2. I actually used to hate yogurt too, I just didn't like the constancy, but for some reason I am ok with Greek Yogurt since it's a little thicker. I usually go with vanilla (which I don't think has the weird smell) and put granola in it.

    LOVE tomato soup! Especially dipping a grilled cheese into it!

  3. Mmm, froyo!! I could definitely eat that every day. I do well with yogurt if I put granola and fruit with it! I'm trying to get into the juice trend, but the most I can do is green smoothies, which are actually pretty tasty. But yes - I'd much rather spend the $5!! Haha!! AND yet another thing we have in common - I really can't stand tomatoes (unless they are cut up really small) but I do enjoy tomato soup. Go figure!