Thursday, February 6, 2014

(3 Things) in New Orleans

This past weekend was B's first time in my hometown. So, after the race, we spent a lot of time being tourists. It's always fun to make it a point to do the touristy things every now and then. It's fun see what's changed. Downtown New Orleans has changed a LOT since the last time I visited (a lot more commercialized and tourist friendly), so it was cool to see that. We really enjoyed our time and wanted to share with yall what our highlights were. . . so here are 3 things B really liked in New Orleans: 

The Beignets. The Cafe au lait. The Beignets. 

But really, the cafe au lait. I forgot how good coffee with chicory is and that was definitely the deal breaker for which beignet location we prefer (Morning Call's coffee is better in case you're wondering). I think I ate more beignets throughout the weekend, than I have my entire adult life. And I'm totally ok with that. 

The streetcar. 

The fact that the seat-backs actually moved depending on which way the streetcar was going, entertained her immensely.

This photo. 

You can thank my sister for this gem, as she decided to show B a bunch of my baby pictures. That's what I get for letting her visit with my family :) 

What's your top 3 things in New Orleans? 
Favorite thing about visiting your hometown?


  1. I've never been there but New Orleans looks like so much fun!

    1. It should definitely be on your list of places to visit! (but I might be a little bias)

  2. Love it! Sounds like you all had a great time!! :D

  3. Oh, man, sounds wonderful. My hubby has been, but I have not - if I'd actually run the Half last weekend, it would have been my first trip. I was really looking forward to the beignets.. I have heard good things. =)

  4. Beignets!! Cafe au lait!! I really need to go to NOLA!! It's been on my list for awhile.