Monday, February 17, 2014

The Summit Seeker: A review and giveaway!

While running even a 5k on a trail does not sound appealing to me, I'm thoroughly interested in those that do. If I wasn't so prone to being clumsy, trail running seems like the most natural way to enjoy running. I have friends who have run ultras, and friends who have crewed for those who have and the stories are just so amazing to me. I got the chance to volunteer for the NYC 60k a few years ago and seeing it for myself was extremely moving. That race was 9 loops of Central Park, I couldn't imagine what a 100 miler through mountains and streams would be like! So, when Vanessa contacted me about her book, I jumped at the chance to find out what running a 100 mile race would be like, or even running rim to rim to rim of The Grand Canyon! 

In The Summit Seeker, Vanessa Runs explores trail and ultra running on an emotional, psychological, and spiritual level. Vanessa started running to battle her demons, to heal her deepest wounds, and ultimately, to find her peace in the mountains. Her vivid descriptions of spectacular trails call you into wild places where you will find rugged beauty, expansive wilderness, and deep personal insights. Weaving her personal stories of struggle, hunger, and adventure, Vanessa tugs at our heartstrings and appeals to our most primitive drive as a species: to survive.

A little bit about Vanessa:
Vanessa Runs is an ultra endurance trail runner and journalist. She has written for UltraRunning Magazine, Trail Running Magazine, and A 100-mile nerd, an elevation junkie, and a mountain-loving nomad, Vanessa lives and travels in a Rialta RV with her boyfriend, dog, and cat.

If you want a great read about an inspiring running journey from non-runner to ultra-marathoner, this is definitely one you should pick up. It's a quick easy read, especially because you're probably not going to want to put it down. Vanessa's stories are written like you're there experiencing them with her. If I ever decided to run an ultra, she would definitely be a running partner I'd want on my side. 

In case reading her book isn't enough, you can keep up with her here:
Twitter: Vanessa Runs

Interested in reading about Vanessa's journey as well? She was kind enough to offer a book for you! Check out the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway I was given this book because the author thought it would be something I'd be interested in (and it was!) I was not compensated monetarily for this post. I enjoyed Vanessa's story and thought you might, too, so I shared. As always, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I run because it makes me feel invincible once I'm done! Even on my toughest days a good run will make me feel a million times better. This book sounds really awesome and I'm totally going to check it out!

  2. I run to feel whole inside and at peace

  3. My sense of accomplishment afterwards!

  4. I run because I need endorphins, lol. Kidding, although they do help make me a nicer person. Thank for sharing this. I have been toying with the idea of a trail run since it seems to be very popular here in Vegas.