Thursday, April 10, 2014

(3 Things) Sparkly headbands, 50 years and Scandal.

The More/ Fitness Half Marathon is this weekend. As much as getting an Athleta race shirt sounds appealing, running 2 loops of Central Park for $80 does not. The price of this race will continue to baffle me- especially when there is a corporate sponsor! I guess I shouldn't be complaining that much, though, that's how they can keep the other races cheaper. Anyway, I was hoping I could get to the expo, but alas my schedule isn't working out. I was hoping to score one of the new Sparkly Soul Rockstar headbands because they're amazing!

I really need this headband in my life ASAP.

Today is The It's a Small World attraction's 50th anniversary. It's one of my favorite attractions (thanks to my father's tradition of it being the first ride of every trip to Magic Kingdom). I love that they are using Mary Blair-esque branding for 2014 because of the anniversary as well. Speaking of The World's Fair, I'm excited to run the NYRR Queens 10k again this year- in the famous Flushing Meadows Corona Park, specifically so I can go to one of the museums afterwards (since getting to Queens isn't usually as convenient as you'd think).

Let's talk TV. Anyone else kind of over all of the story lines of the shows they watch, or is it just me? My main beef right now is with Olivia Pope on Scandal. She is no longer the bad ass empowering female that I loved when the show started. If all she's going to do is act like the President's love sick mistress, she does not deserve the title of gladiator. I just realized this happened with Meredith on Grey's. . . maybe it's a Shonda Rhimes thing. Either way, my new favorite is Jake. . . because he's pretty badass and pretty hot as command- right?! Even B thinks so ;) 

Does anyone else go to race expos in their city when they're not running the race? Have beef with a TV show you're watching right now?


  1. My only beef with tv right now is my inability to turn off netflix every night. I'm very sleep deprived. I don't tend to go to race expos here if I'm not running bc they're usually not that big except RnR AZ and that expo is downtown and a bitch to get to.
    That head band is the bomb. You need it.

  2. I love It's A Small World! =) When we went to Disney it was the 2nd ride we went on, and my son was all "It's DOLLS! I don't want to ride a DOLL ride!" And then we went on it and at the end he said "Can we go again??" LOL

    I have never been to an expo for a race I wasn't going to, but maybe that's because I live in the suburbs and I'd have to travel quite a bit to get to one.

    Have never seen Scandal, but I love The Walking Dead and Rick has been pissing me off for awhile now! LOL I get very invested in my shows! =)

    .... and this is officially the longest note I've ever left on a blog. LOL

  3. I'm kind of jealous of all the cool races up your way (even if they do run 2 laps around central park). Is that a common race route?
    I don't watch scandal but I use to watch greys. I wish I wouldn't have gave that show up!

    1. For the Half marathons in the park, yes. But the smaller races usually mix it up a bit, with different start lines.

      Who knew people still watched it? I might regret giving it up a little, too.

  4. I need/want a sparkly soul headband so I was thinking of actually going to the expo, even though I'm not doing the race this year (I swore off 2 laps in Central Park after last year's). BUT I just realized I that means I would probably have to go today and that's not going to happen. Oh well. BTW, there's going to be a 50th anniversary celebration thingie of the World's Fair on May 18th I think...if you think you can trek to Flushing again (it's RIDICULOUS how difficult it is to get to another borough that's not Manhattan via public transportation). Oh, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s story line has done nothing but get amazingly awesome as the season went on, and the bad ass female lead is still a bad ass, but that's how Joss Whedon rolls....if you're looking for something new to watch :)

    (Sorry for the REALLY long comment!)

    1. Yea, I can't get there today and there is no way I'm spending my Saturday there if I'm not running.

      I would totally go to Queens for a World's Fair celebration! I need to look into that!

      and I tried getting into SHIELD, but ABC won't put full episodes on the internets for me to catch up. Jerks.

  5. I went to the Queens Museum after a race there last year, there are some fun Disney references in the World's Fair stuff...and make sure to go in the big freight elevator to see a cool model of the World's Fair can find the Disney rides on it : )

  6. JAKE!!! He is soooo my Scandal boyfriend! But I totally agree with you on Olivia. I'm kinda over the show, except I've invested all this time in it and now I need to know what happens!! Scandal is pretty much the only show I'm caught up on this year. Oh - you so need that headband. It is pretty awesome!