Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nike Women's DC Training: 2 weeks to go!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.5M

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: HILLS

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8.5M

Sunday: Rest

I really thought the week was going to go to crap when I couldn't make it to the park on Tuesday. I had a work meeting downtown that ran over, so off to the gym I went! It's funny, when you start running outside again, the treadmill does not sound like much fun. My body was not happy about that and it let me know- my feet and my knees were not fans of the moving belt. The upside was I got in and out of there in no time. The downside was I ran an entire mile less than I would have had I been at the park. 

Not to worry, I still got to the park on Thursday. Pam suggested running the 81st St. Bridal Path hill. I had never heard of it, but when I mentioned it to another runner friend, her comment was "Good luck with that. Have fun!" Awesome. The hill seems to go on forever and it feels like you'll never see the top. I definitely had some I feel like a smoker again moments trying to will myself to get up it at the fastest speed I could muster. There was lots of mentally cursing Pam and her bronchitis the entire workout. I have no idea what my mileage was for the night because I forgot my Garmin but that might've been a blessing to not know how slow I was actually running up that hill. I need to keep reminding myself all of this is going to make me faster.

But faster I was not on my long run this weekend. Not gonna lie and I will say it, Saturday was HOT! Then again, I did decide to start my run at noon- so that's no one's fault but my own. It did make me long for those cooler winter runs though. I am really not looking forward to summer runs- then I remember I'm not training for a marathon this year, so rock on. I'm seriously contemplating retiring from running for July and August just because I can. Although, the race I want to potentially PR in will be in the beginning of June- I'm definitely wishing for a freak cool front for that. 

I also decided it had been a while since I ran along the Brooklyn waterfront and what better day to do it?! It also happened to be where the Williamsburg Brooklyn Flea was. Oh, and surprise! I think this was the 1st weekend they held it outside for the season. I'm sure you can imagine how awesome it was trying to bob and weave around the entire hipster population for miles. Because of the heat and the direct sun, I didn't think about how thirsty I would be. Luckily, I made it to my favorite park with a working restroom and refilled in the sink twice. I also grabbed a Gatorade at the CVS on the return trip. I was pretty sure I was going to be sick for the rest of the day, but luckily I was not. 

RIP midday long runs. We had fun while they lasted. 


  1. Ha! This weekend I was thinking we skipped over spring and went straight to summer. And then I started thinking about running during the summer. I like your idea of retiring during July and August!!

  2. I don't even like midday runs in the winter here because the sun is so freaking bright. Like burn your corneas bright. Good job on your hill work. Sounds exhausting, but yes, it'll make you faster so it's worth it, I guess!

    I find it harder to run on a treadmill even though people say it takes less effort. I think that because it's harder to adjust your pace and movement, it almost works different muscle groups or something. Or maybe I'm weird. ;)

  3. It's hard to adjust to spring, isn't it? After all our complaining about winter.... LOL