Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to talk about something that I'm geeking out about. No, I wasn't asked to write about this, I'm just that excited about it.


I read a news article about The Fabergé Eggs yesterday, and then kind of forgot about it. Then, I went to Columbus Circle to run in the park last night, and discovered about 10 of the over 260 eggs that are all over the city. I'm already a huge fan of the artistic sculptures that cities will randomly do (my favorite to date are the New Orleans Bead Dogs they did a couple of years ago), but put an interactive aspect to it, and I'm sold! 

Enter The Big Egg Hunt app- You can collect eggs with the QR codes, see the latest news and even view a map to let you know if you're close to any eggs you haven't cracked yet. There is even a leader board letting you know how other many eggs the top collectors have. The campaign started yesterday and by the time I downloaded the app and got involved, some people had already found 80+ eggs. That's impressive. There are also a few different sweepstakes/ contests going on that you can win prizes for which definitely ups the stakes.

When you collect the egg, you can also read the description of the piece and find out more about the artist. This really made me do a double take at a few eggs and appreciate some more than the ones I was initially attracted to.

Then, there is merchandise. I've never in my life wanted to own a Fabergé egg- until now! I've scoped out a few of the ostrich sized replicas I'd put on my mantel. . . whenever I have one ;)

The hunt will go on until the 17th, then they will move them to Rockefeller Center. They will be on display there until the 28th and auctioned off for charity. The charities are Studio in a School and The Elephant Family- saving the arts and animals, what could be better?! 

So, now you know what I'll be doing next weekend and probably my lunch all week.

Kudos, Fabergé and all of your sponsors!


  1. OK, this is really cool. I love when companies come up with creative things like this and tie in the community and social media! Happy hunting!

  2. Yeah, I'm downloading the app right now as I type this! I can't wait to see what I can find on my lunch breaks and my commute!

  3. Totally jealous about this egg hunt. I love stuff like this! It is kind of like trying to find the hidden mickey's at Disney.
    Oh the perks of living in a big city!

    1. I love it, too! Just overwhelmed by how many there are.

  4. Wow, that's really cool. As usual, I'm totes jelly of your running entertainment in NYC.

  5. This is awesome!!!! I'd be all over it but instead I'll live vicariously through you! It's St Louis's 250th birthday this year and so they are putting up 250 giant birthday cakes all over so I'm on the hunt for them. I'm a sucker for these things!