Monday, April 7, 2014

Nike Women's DC Training: 3 weeks to go!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4M- Hills

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: The Hot Chocolate 15k

Sunday: Rest

This week's hill training was something different Pam sent me with. It involved running hills for 15 minutes, then running out and back for 5minutes each way- 3 times. When I got there, it seemed like every running group in the city had the same idea about hill repeats on Strawberry Hill- so I cut it to 2 repeats and 1 out and back. Apparently that defeated the purpose of the workout. Oops.

Thursday I was going to do an easy run, but I had a traumatizing experience with the company wide biometrics screening and blood work, which included nearly passing out/ vomiting in the conference room in front of lots of coworkers. Fun times. So, I just chilled out for the night. I went errand running on Wednesday night, which included toting a new suitcase all over the Union Square area of the city (because of course I would find my dream carry-on for 50% at the first stop of my multiple errand running, while shopping for something completely different)- so that counts as cross training, right?

But in all seriousness, I need to start including real cross training. I felt it in my knee again this weekend during the Hot Chocolate 15k. Where, spoiler alert (unless you follow me on instagram and twitter), I got a 9 minute PR! Who knew?! I didn't realize I was already so close to my 10k PR, so maybe it's not that unrealistic!


  1. A 9 minute PR?? Whooot!! That's crazy! Congrats.

  2. I need to start cross training, too... Unless you count holding up my iPad while I binge on tv. Now mind you, this is not the iPad Air OR a mini, so it weighs at least 1/8 of a pound. My arms get tired. ;)