Friday, June 17, 2011

3 posts for 1.

So I have literally started like 5 posts, but finished none. Because I'm preoccupied. With my person, who I will be more than happy to tell the world about. . . . But not yet. Until then, here are the low downs:

Post 1 (Tuesday): I think I hurt my quads this weekend. I didn't stretch well after the mini. 
And I'm going to the J. Crew sample sale tonight instead of the gym. What? I need new rain boots.

I think I started slacking tapering too soon. I know there were a lot of factors affecting last week's race, but I didn't feel like I put my all into it. This weekend I have a 5 miler. A chance to redeem myself and regain my confidence for Seattle. Let's hope.

Post 2 (Wednesday): I'm on Day two of Operation: Teeth Whitening and yall? Holy Fug. It's painful. The last time I did this was in college. I remember my teeth being sensitive after, but nothing like this. Breathing is painful. It might also have something to do with the fact I left it on an extra 15 minutes but nonetheless: This. Shit. Hurts.

I already have a pretty bangin smile (what? You know it. I know it. Why not admit it? ;) and some kickass photoshop skills, I might just have to give this idea up. I know I like to pretend like I don’t like to chew but damn, son. When you can't, it really sucks. I'd really like to eat lunch soon before I pass out. I have white cheddar Cheez-its I'd like to devour!

I just yawned and the pain was unbarable.

Seriously, Crest?! 

Post 3 (Thursday): Post-it from yesterday

The End. 


  1. This reminds me I should do my teeth tonight before I hit the casino. I figure with the time it'll take to put my obscene amount of hair in rollers, I could whiten while curling!

    Why aren't we fb friends? We really should be. Yep.

  2. I keep forgetting to do that now that it hurt so bad.

    And fb friend request sent!