Thursday, June 23, 2011

Technical Difficulties.

It is 60 degrees in Seattle. I think is broken. That has to be lies.
Very happy lies for me, but lies nonetheless. 

Anyway. Mission: Revive The Dark Knight (my ipod) has become a success. So I’m not freaking out about flying cross country without every single one of my songs. I have a very strong connection with my playlists. It would have been a disaster if I would have had to chose only a few to put on my nano.

I have settled on 2 outfits that I will bring, but non-running clothes are still up in the air. 
And that’s about all that’s semi-going right.

You have been put on notice. Thank Allah that I decided to be semi-responsible and map out plans for this trip. The hotel that we are staying at, the website says is 3 blocks from the finish line/ expo. When I google mapped it- it’s 13 fucking MILES away. Are you KIDDING me?! What the hell is wrong with you? You have just made my life unnecessarily difficult. So now, instead of researching touristy things I might want to do, I have to make a new plan. In 12 hours. Yes, I probably should have double checked earlier, but that’s supposed to be your job. Don’t you have a fact checker/editor? I’m sure I could loan you one of mine. You officially suck in my book. 

And you won’t let me see the fucking medal before I cross the finish line?! You showed off that golden pile of sideways poop like it was genius and I can’t see this one? Is it truly that ugly? That thing better be made of platinum, designed by Milton Glaser and able to cure cancer or I’m going to throw it at the closest person. Remember, your medals are heavy and I’m a pissed off.

This is not a good way to start a vacay. Just sayin.


  1. 13 miles??? So are you at least near the start line since you are so far from the finish? I think I'm a mile from the finish, so some time between 4am and 6am I'll be on the shuttle to the start. A mile sounds close, but not close enough to allow me time to shower before my check-out time. Especially since I won't actually start running until Saturday afternoon at this point.

    I just got butterflies in my tummy. Erg.

  2. We are closer to the start, but not in walking distance.
    I'm so annoyed.
    Don't get me started on the race corrals or possibly missing part of Everclear.