Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm so cranky, I don't even want to be near me.

A few factors for this:
- it's 100 fuggin degrees today
- my account is driving me batty
- I strongly dislike my work dynamic
- my arms are still sore from Tuesday's experiment of gaining muscles. The only 2 things I have issues with on my body (my arms and my stomach), running does zip for.
- my teeth are sensitive from trying to whiten them (and I left the strips on for an extra 15 minutes. Oops)
- my apartment situation is less than ideal
But this made me nearly fall out my chair:

A co-designer and I like to entertain ourselves by throwing messages to each other via crumbled post its. Most of the time we are bitching about why we are allowing for little parts of our souls to be taken away by shitty design and this morning's beauty was no exception. 

For the record, outlined text makes my soul cry. I'm pretty sure an angel looses it's wings every time it's used. 

I told her I think it's the stuff award winners are made of. 


  1. We might be twins.
    Except that it isn't even 60º here yet today. 59º and I was melting during my morning walk. I'll be beyond cranky if we ever get our 100º days.

    Arms. Tummy. Ugh - liposuction might be my best solution for myself!

    Would you put outlined text right up there with Papyrus?

  2. We are soooo twins! Seattle isn't going to know what hit it.

    1- I hate you for even mentioning 60 degree weather.
    (Is it really that cold over there on the west coast?!)

    2- I love you for knowing about Papyrus. But I think outlined text might be a little higher- only because Avatar gave Papyrus some credit when they used it for their title. haha.

    No Lipo! We are strong women and we can do this ourselves! I truly believe it. Every time I go to open a door, I'm reminded of this.

  3. Hey Abby!
    Yes, it is definitely harder to raise money when you've already done a season of fundraising. But it can be done!
    I did 2 seasons back-to-back. Literally signed up for San Diego 2 weeks after I ran Disney.

    There will be donors that donate again.
    But it also helps to get creative.
    - Chili's is doing a Give Back night for me on Monday. Everyone who comes in and presents the flyer, Chili's will donate 10% of the bill to LLS (food and alcohol both included) so I've got a tone of my friends coming to hang out and drink/eat all night. I'll let you know how it goes.
    - Bondi Band does a fundraising program. I'm trying that out this season:
    - We sold jello shots to tailgaters at the Jimmy Buffet concert and made like $400.

    It totally CAN be done. And I look at it this way: TNT pays for the entire trip (airfare, hotel, team dinners, race entry fee, etc). So even if I have to donate some of it myself, it's probably less than I would spend to go out there on my own, and I'm DONATING, not PAYING to do it! (tax deductible :)