Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nike's idea of a Better World

I'm just going to straight up say, I am not a fan. I have no idea where this deep rooted dislike for you came from, but I don't really have the time or energy to care right now.
I'm just here to say kudos on your better world campaign (watch the video then scroll down, I promise you won't regret it) and I'm not even a fan of advertising (I know, the irony. . .).
Favorite parts? Shockingly, the copy.

 "Apathy, you just got posterized"- Your copywriter kind of rocks.


PS- Can someone please explain to me how you are getting away with making a profit off of recycled shoes?! Even recycled cans get 5 cents or something like that. Has no one else caught onto you yet?
Now can you please let me test drive your Frees? I promise I might change my mind.


  1. Nike Nike Nike ..... Oregon is all about Nike. Some times this is good, some times this is REALLY annoying.

    I'm still waiting for an adidas sponsorship.

  2. I'm sorry. I think it's all the 80s- early 90s advertising and the fact that every example of branding always has Nike's swoosh involved.
    I get it.
    They had an amazing advertising team.
    Can someone else pull something like this so we can move on?!

    Adidas rocks my socks, but I have a soft spot for Brooks.