Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slacker alert: Not a Seattle recap.

One day when the world stops turning so fast, I will get around to letting the blogosphere know how Seattle was (how many times can I say amazing before I need to find another adjective?). Until then these are some pictures I didn't know existed until they showed up on facebook. Isn't that the best way to find out about them?

I was really excited to be there. Hence the skipping.

Getting my bib.

Just in case you were wondering: This is about as close as I got to that needle.

Stay tuned. It's worth it. I promise.


  1. I got closer to the needle - you didn't miss much. I didn't go up - it was a long ass line just to buy a ticket, then a 40 minute wait to get up there. Blah. No thanks. Of course I never made it to the Real World house either. I was soooo freaking hung over.

    Such a fun weekend!

  2. There are more that you aren't aware of. Look in the folder I uploaded.

  3. OOh! We need more! We need more! We need more!