Thursday, June 23, 2011

Portugal 5 miler.

First race in awhile that I wasn't meeting anyone to run with. I did see friends along the course cheering, but it was just me and me. This race helped me realize that I may be physically strong enough for next weekend, but mentally I'm lacking. 

Anyone have any tips for regaining confidence? 

It was a very hot run and I'm almost happy that the forecast for Seattle is rain on Saturday

Ben and his peeps were also there. I wanted to go say hello! I kind of stalk you on the internets, but I thought that was too creepy. If you're not in the loop check him out here.

And can we please talk about the extremely rude NYRR volunteer? I love that this race had tech shirts in women's sizes. I don't know why I ever pretend my boobs can fit into women's sizes, but I did. I realized the error of my ways and was hoping to exchange it at the race. I didn't realize this was such a big deal until I asked and the lady freaked out on me. All I wanted was to exchange the shirt. I didn't want an extra shirt. I wanted a shirt that I could actually wear. And I'm southern. When we want something, we go out of our way to be extra nice (which might be the problem right there. New Yorkers don't know how to deal with that sometimes). She acted like I asked her to rob a liquor store. Really lady? I realize you are up at an ungodly hour on a Sunday volunteering your time, but next time? Stay home. No one wants your time if you are going to be so rude. It really upset me for a minute. 

So, I followed my last long run with an amazing brunch at Vinyl on the UWS. Yall. Their bathrooms are themed- CherDolly Parton and Nelly. It was awesome sauce. Unfortunately, no pictures. I was trying to change into dry clothes as fast as possible. I think I'm becoming a professional at changing clothes in public restrooms


  1. Oh, but she couldn't stay home! Then she wouldn't get her +1 for the 2012 NYCM!!

    The first time I volunteered, the NYRR guy told me earnestly that they started that as a way to build a running community, by getting people more involved. Funny that, it just seems to give them a steady but really really disinterested workforce to man their events.

  2. Sucky volunteers SUCK! Fortunately I don't have any that jump out at me from my own experience, but I've read about enough of them to know that I'd be really annoyed with a grinch!

    This bathroom sounds AWESOME! I think I'd want to use the Cher bathroom.

    I'm mentally ready for Seattle, my body isn't. Maybe we could morph into one and have one great run?

    Oh - latest forecast now says 20% chance of precipitation, so we might stay dry after all!

  3. Oh, no. She wasn't a runner. She was old and way too cranky to be a runner. Someone's mother or something.