Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Falling into a drinking cliche

In case you don't already follow me on twitter, today has been a very very bad New York day. That one little tweet had to be written and re-written about 5 times because I was so upset. I assure you, it does not accurately portray how close I truly was to committing a crime, being able to plead insanity and get away with it. Within the past few months, my already very low opinion of the human race has plummeted even farther into believing it the cesspool of inequity that it is.

I am bitter. I am jaded. And I'm ok with that.

Today was a perfect day to drink a glass of wine to relax (and maybe do some yoga. . b/c that's an excellent combination if I do say so myself! I kid. I kid.), and in thinking that, I wanted to share with the world my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner:

 Picked solely on their label's design because seriously? Who would trust me with anything else?

How amazing is this?! Is it wine? Is it Coconut water? Does it even matter?

Unfortunately, I do not have an extra bottle of wine in the house to pop open for this very special occasion of drinking my sorrows away. Instead? I have left over hard liquor from the hurricane party.

 and no mixer.
It should only hurt the first few sips, right?

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