Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, Savannah.

Because I am procrastinating work, I don't have time for an actual race recap, but I will give you some fun pics from the Savannah weekend to keep you entertained until I do have time.

The whole reason we signed up for this race was because Fred wanted to go to Lady and Sons, Paula Dean's restaurant. While we waited to eat (at 9:45 PM!) we walked around the downtown we barely saw during the race that morning.

Lady and sons Restaurant.

 All the stores in the downtown area had these in their windows. There were also banners on lampposts. Apparently this race was a big deal.

 Clever, SCAD. 

 SCAD. An art school smack in the middle of downtown.

 The talking walk sign.

In order to get the walk signal, you had to hit this button (which is weird for me. They automatically change where I come from). There was also a sensor on it. If you walked in front of it when it wasn't time to walk yet, it would tell you to wait. Every time. You can imagine the fun I was having at every corner.

 The perfect souvenir no one would let me have. It was only $5!


  1. We have to push buttons if we want to cross in my town!

    Let's talk about how awesome your legs look in that crosswalk photo, shall we?

    The headbands I'm making us for the half would totally match that shirt!

  2. Thank you, ma'am! They are still tight from that race.

    I'm super excited about the headbands!! YaY!!