Wednesday, November 23, 2011

God's love we deliver 4M

This would be my first time running in two weeks. For the record, don't do this unless you have to. Those 4 miles felt like 26.8. my god. What happened to my endurance?! Is it really that easy to lose? But the good news? No inner hip pain and I got to run in this:

 Nun for you!

Which of course prompted my mother to ask if I burned. Honestly, it was a little hot running in a non-breathable cheap polyester costume, but I survived. And because I ran in that? I get tickets to see Sister Act on Broadway. What a great promotion which will lead to a great date night!

Holy water. Amazing.

Strawberry Fields.
I always walk past it to get in and out of the park, but I've never taken a pic of it.

What happened to the Coney Island Turkey Trot that was supposed to happen after this, you ask? Yea. About that. What the hell was I thinking? 
In all fairness, if I was not just coming off of an injury, I could have done it. But I didn't want to push myself, get hurt again and be super pissed. I did map out exactly what would have to happen in order for me to make it to the race on time, just in case I felt good enough. When it took 20 minutes to cross the start, I gave up that hope. As I was walking back to the train, I noticed the time was a minute before the downtown train was scheduled to arrive. I could've made it. oh well. I enjoyed morning snuggling instead :-)

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  1. This is awesome!!!
    I always wanted to be a nun.

    No more injuries for you! We have a BIG weekend coming up really soon!