Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quality. Sometimes confused with quantity.

Please stop adding races and focus on making the ones you already have better. I know it's the American mentality to conquer all but haven't you heard: it's always quality over quantity.
Just sayin.


  1. It is a good thing this was your Rock'n'Roll year ... it would be spending if you started going international, too!

  2. Ooh - since you ARE the RnR expert, how long until I will find out my bib number for Las Vegas??

  3. I know. Sadly, I'd like to do the one in Candana. Montreal I think?

    Anyway, it's usually a week or so before? And I never got the emails, I always had to go to the site to download the confirmation sheet. I'd just keep checking. The first 2 numbers of your bib is your corrals.

  4. I just want to be closer to the front than at Seattle. Only for my ego. I'll still run it at the same pace. I said I planned on finishing in 2:15. Of course I registered in March? Yeah, I thought I wouldn't slack as much. I was wrong.

    Canada would be cool!

  5. You can change corrals at the expo. It's usually not a problem. Just tell them what time you expect to finish and they have a sheet that will tell you which corral.Then they give you a sticker to put on your bib. Easy!

    I know it sucks having a high number, but I dont mind. I'd hate to get in faster runners' way, so I dont jump too many corrals.

  6. The number of your corral is really not that important. Plan on having a lower than normal number in Vegas because they have so few slots for runners to participate. I've been in corral 15 for a full RNR Marathon (San Diego) and corral 6 for a full RNR Marathon (Savannah) ... both with the same expected finish times. Your corral placement is all dependant on how big of a race it is.