Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MCM 10K recap

Now that I've had a couple of days to simmer down (or a week, this is super late. Sorry!), I'm still going to state that I hate DC. Only evil is spawned there and seriously of our own nations capitol city can't function properly no wonder we are in the condition we are in.

With that being said, the commute was horrible. The freak snow storm didn't help. The fact we were staying at a host hotel that was so far from the metro it shuttled you there didn't help. Not packing until the night before didn't help. Fred booking a flight the next day for 2pm didnt help. DC, yet again, having no fucking clue how to host an event was of course the cherry top. There were a lot of not so cool factors. You get the picture.

Moving on to race day. It was freezing. I chose not to wear the extra layer of capris, thus causing all feeling to be lost in my legs until mile 3- that is my own fault. You know what's not my fault? Ice on the road. Seriously. For the first 3 miles I couldnt feel my legs and I was running on a thin sheet of ice. People were falling all around me and I kept getting more and more angry at the situation.

The 10K was literally the last 6.2 miles of the marathon, which started at the exact same time as the marathon, so guess what that meant: NO crowd support because everyone was at the beginning of the marathon. Awesome. And can I say it was a crappy course? I felt bad for the marathoners who had to end their race like that. I'd want to punch someone. . . but I guess I already did after only running 6.2 miles.

The start line.

There were no numbered clocks at the mile marks, instead a Marine screamed out the time. What?

Yes I stopped to take a picture. From the back I thought it was another bear. Opps.

Finisher photos were in front of this. It was a clusterfuck.

And don't get me started on the clusterfuck of trying to exit. 

The End.
The good news? After 2 crappy races, this can only mean Savannah is going to be amazing.


  1. I know this is your blog and all, but how do you only give me a shout out with my poor planning skills? Couldn't you mention my PR or something? Maybe even a photo? Geez...