Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bad run to start the weekend.

This morning's run was not fun. I was not feeling it even though mentally I really needed it. Physically, I was not there. My evil grandma knees have come back to haunt me with a vengeance. I only had about .7 of good solid running and the other 5.3 sucked. But I'm ok with it. All runs can't be awesome, especially when I haven't been training. And to be honest, that .7 make it all worth it (luckily). Instead of dwelling on it, I leave you with my week in Instagrams:

(one more shameless plug: Have you voted for my design yet? It's the last day!)

 Northeast hidden corner of Central Park.

 A visit to the lions.

 Bryant Park Headquarters.

Awesome type. So awesome, I'd even consider seeing a documentary about rap.

10 points to whoever wants to play Where in NYC is this ;)


  1. If I knew ANY place in NYC that wasn't CP or Times Square I'd come up with an answer to your last photo!

    1. The lobby of Stomp. When you come, we will go see it. I have connections ;)