Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In need of a favor, please :-)

Hey you! Wanna do me a favor?

Please go here and vote for this design:

Then, if you're super rad, spread the word. If it wins, I promise to do a giveaway :) and also decorate my cube like It's a small world (how much fun would that be?!)

Threadless is a pretty awesome site for you to check out if you're a fan of well designed graphic tees. 

In case you were wondering about why/how I came up with what I did-

The Inspiration:
Mary Blair
 It's a small world- Hong Kong Disneyland

 Early concepts:

 The original.

Almost was the final.
An alternative.

Final design:

Thanks again for rocking and taking the time out to vote. I super appreciate it!!

Do you have a favorite tee? Why is it your fav?


  1. I think I voted - kind of not sure?!

    1. I think you need to register for the site and then rate the design.

      Thanks, Lisa. You're awesome!!

  2. I'm totally going to vote! No doubt about it. And I love it!

    One of my favorite shirts is so simple. It is the one at Dinosaur that has the dino and just says "Vegetarian". My reasons are pretty self explanatory!