Monday, June 11, 2012

NYRR Mini 10K 2012

If you didn't know already, this race originated because the common thought 40 years ago was women could not run long distances. Women weren't even allowed to register for races and the first women who ran the Boston Marathon was almost literally pulled off the course by a race official (What?!). They didn't think women's bodies could handle it and that their uterus would fall out. Seriously. Why, that's so funny to me, I don't know, but it still kills me every time I think someone could believe something like that. It's was clearly a serious belief, but come the F on, Man. Really?! My, how much has changed.

Anywho, I think it's super cute and appropriate that the original sponsor was Leggs. It was originally called Leggs' Mini Marathon. Clearly that isn't the case anymore and I don't even know if Leggs is still in business, so they dropped all that and now it's The Mini 10k. And this year happens to be the 40th anniversary.

So, as I went to write this little recap, I popped over to see what I had said about it from last year. Low and behold, it's pretty much the same thing. I'm sensing a pattern with my NYRR races. Bare with me.

I can say with total positivity, that if this race did not involve a medal, I probably would've skipped. I was on a deadline and I needed to design my ass off. BUT I also needed to run out some stuff going on in my head, so I woke up and went. (I don't know why I continue to kid myself. If it's a race, I'm waking up for it, duh.)

As I was waking up, I realized I should have woken up an hr earlier. I really should give myself more time to wake up and get adjusted, but I'm really not a morning person, at all. It doesn't help that it's about to be summer time training, which means waking up extra early to beat the heat. So, whatev. Off I went.

As I was walking to drop off my bag, I noticed NYRR put the port-o-potties in a manner that a line would cut off traffic through CP. Not a great plan. When I had come back to go to the corrals, the amount of people waiting in line was so thick, you could barely walk through it. Cyclists were super pissed (and rightfully so, what were they thinking?). Opps.

The race started and I was concentrating on finding my groove, super annoyed that it didn't just happen (like that ever happens) but I was in a bad mood from 2 days before hand, so I wasn't surprised. To be honest, I usually feel better after a run no matter what the distance. The race did nothing to elevate my mood, so you know it was serious. (sidenote: all is well.)

After mile 2, I ran into a former TNTer that I used to run with. At first I thought it was going to be a hi! See you later situation, but we ended up running together the rest of the race and it provided to be a fabulous distraction. I was not mentally ready for a 6 miler and I really missed having a running partner at that moment. She will also be training for the full with TNT this season, so we might do long runs together.

I saw lots of running friends on and along the course. It's funny to think over a year ago I had no idea the running world could be so small. I did miss not running/ a race. It was fun to see everyone.

Once the race was over, I went straight home to finish working. Boo.

This was also the race that began the signature pirate eye, so I had to recreate that also.

How do you feel about all women's race?

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  1. I think I've only done one all women's race - the Hippie Chick on Mother's Day last year. They're alright, I don't mind either way I guess. Okay fine, it is a bit of estrogen overload and too many people all holding hands and blocking my path. Whoa - the bitch just came out a bit. I actually suppressed a little with that.

    I like the pirate eye pictures, keep doing them!

    I'm glad you ran into somebody, sounds like it helped make it a better race for you! Congrats on yet another!!