Thursday, June 14, 2012

CP and that non-runner race.

New York City,  never gets old and you never know what you're going to get.

via my twitter. It was much worse in person, I promise.
Tonight's run included a massive amount of non-runners trying to be runners who run each other over with no running etiquette at all and just mess up the flow of Central Park (yes, I know, I ran it last year and even designed my old company's tshirt, but I bitched about it then too!) Generally I know what races in CP and try my best to avoid going if I'm not registered, but for some reason, I didn't remember this one; even if a few friends posted stuff to facebook. Oh well.

While I was waiting for them to pass because I didn't want to get run over (I had to run with them to get to where I was going and that was way too much race anxiety for me and I wasn't even in it!), I had a chit chat with the people putting on the Twelfth Night (free! and in multiple parks all summer!). I was accidentally in their "backstage area". I also saw a ton of volunteers throwing water on runners without their consent, in which a ton of runners started screaming explicits. Shit show, I tell you, complete shit show.

Literally cut off the flow of CP. NYRR races don't even do that.

So, seeing as the main 4 mile loop was going to be clogged for the majority of the evening, the only place that everyone could go was to the Hill:

Well, hello there, Harlem!!

I ran up and down it both ways. Not really what I wanted for my easy 3 miles run, but at least it beat trying to fight with the Corporate Challenge peeps. It was actually a nice run besides all the other stuff. It was hot but there was a nice breeze. I was very excited not to be stuck on a treadmill.

Super plus: Water fountains are on!
Welcome to summer in NYC. I'm thinking about training without a water belt. We shall see.

Would you rather a crowded road or a treadmill?


  1. I guess I'd choose crowded road because eventually there would have to be some place I could veer off to in order to escape the crowds?!? I just know I've run on a treadmill maybe 6 times and I HATED it. Ugh, miserable.

    It is so weird to me that the empty street there is in NY. Like that is IN CP?? IT looks so rural and in the middle of nowhere!

    1. I feel like a crowded road is scarier. While I was with the crowd, I felt like if I fell, I'd die. Literally. There were so many people.

      Yes, the road that you run through CP IS a functioning road. You can drive through the park at certain times.