Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 Things.

This is the 1st official week of getting back to the gym and let me tell you, I am tu-ckered. My abs are still very aware of my PiYo class from Tuesday. Tonight, I ran a 5k at my PR, which is pretty cool. It's nice to know, even after taking 2 months off, I can do that. When I start training (2 weeks!), I will be focusing on getting faster. Until then, I feel a lot of early bedtimes coming on.

I finally got a chance to test out my locklaces! After one run, I can tell I'm probably a fan. They were awesome for my 5k tonight on the treadmill. I'm interested to see how they will hold up for long runs. I like that since they're elastic the tension redistributes as you run, so it won't dig into your foot like regular laces would depending on how tight you tie them. Will definitely keep you posted. 

I have a serious problem with my new yogurt obsession. Remember when I didn't know if I was a fan?Turns out, it all depends on the brand. Oikos (Banana or Orange Cream) is my absolute favorite. Adding granola is a must and I also just discovered honey is the cherry on top! Amazing, I tell you. It doesn't help much that The Yogurt Culture Company (imagined by Dannon) is right down the street from my work. Tonight, they had a Happy Hour hosting with local company, Oats Granola. The Pistachio Froyo with chocolate Oats Granola totally hit the spot before I headed to the gym. The A Team was excited to see one of their favorite TNT Coaches, too. 

What's your latest food obsession?


  1. Good job on your speedy run! I'm FINALLY getting faster! Last night, I had a really hard time slowing myself down. What training are you starting in 2 weeks? Is it time to start training for Dumbo already?

    1. Thanks! I think I had a mental block during marathon training- I didn't want to go faster for fear of getting hurt. I'm working on conditioning myself to believe 12min miles is an easy pace- believe it and it will happen!

    2. Maybe we can PR together at DL Half!!!

    3. That is my secret hope, but you know I won't be able to resist a good character stop!