Monday, April 8, 2013

A Journey Bar Giveaway!

Here's the thing, I don't really have a sweet tooth. When I first discovered Journey Bar through the Crowdtap Store, I was immediately intrigued. They hooked me with the fact that they were savory nutrition bars, as opposed to every other sweet one on the market. Personally, nutrition bars are the best route to go for long run breakfast (especially because it's a routine I can take with me on race-cations) but trying to choke down chocolate flavored anything at 5am before a long run does not appeal to me. When I read the co-founder, Marguarette's quote "I believe bars should taste like real food, not candy" and that these bars are naturally lower in sugar (only 7g!) I knew this was something that would be perfect for me. I contacted the company and they agreed to send me some of their products to try.

From their website:
what is a savory nutrition bar, you might ask? well it's unlike any bar you've ever seen before! the most obvious difference is the savory, instead of sweet, flavors, which are inspired by cuisines from around the world.  journey bars are made from organic whole grains and other all-natural ingredients, which makes them a great-tasting, healthy alternative to the typical sweet bars.  our bars are also gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan, and soy-free.  

Sea Salt- a truly global flavor, our sea salt bar is about as simply savory as it gets.  just a hint of sea salt is used to bring out the natural flavors of the almonds and whole grains.

Rosemary- one of the most common spices used in delicious French cooking found its way into our bars. with rosemary’s warm and earthy aroma, we realized it's the only flavor we needed for this wholesome bar. sometimes less is more.

Seasame Ginger- inspired by the healthy cuisines of japan, toasted sesame is blended with whole grains to create a mild and warm flavor, while a hint of ginger is used to add freshness. you’ll find this flavor truly delightful!

Don't expect your taste buds to be accosted with which the powerful flavor names suggest. Just like they said in all their descriptions, the flavors are hinted and the taste is very mild (i.e. perfect for long run breakfast) which to me was a good thing. I also wasn't expecting the bars to be on the softer side. They were really good and very filling. The pizza marinara, cocunut curry and parmesan romano flavors sound really tasty, so I will have to go hunt those down and find them. I will definitely be incorporating them into my breakfast routine during training.

How many of you are ready to try them, too? Lucky for you the fabulous peeps at Journey Bar provided me with an extra set that I'll be giving away! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway What's your favorite pre-run meal?

Journey Bar was generous enough to provide me with their product to try and to host a giveaway. All opinions are always my own.


  1. Oh I have a ginormous sweet tooth!! Yet, I am intrigued by these. Especially the sesame ginger. I think that's the one I really want to try.

  2. Eggs and a banana which is not good for race-cations. Might have to try these.

  3. My favorite pre-run meal is a multigrain waffle with almond butter and sliced banana. I'd love to try the sesame ginger bar - a savory energy bar is brilliant!

  4. The sea salt is very intriguing... would love to try them all!

  5. I think I'd dig the rosemary one

  6. Great idea! I always eat organic. My prerun is a banana. Would love to try rosemary and ginger tea is my favorite. Betting it's great in a bar

  7. The flavors sound delicious! Rosemary and Sea Salt sound great.

  8. I'd like to try the sesame ginger. I like to eat bars before races when away from home, too. So easy!