Thursday, January 23, 2014

(3 Upcoming Races) Fred Lebow Half, RNR NOLA, Sea Wheeze + some Heavy Medals

I'm running a half marathon this weekend because I have 12.5 miles on the training schedule and thought "What's the extra .6?" I'm starting to freak out about it a little because I haven't done more than 8 miles, and every time I try to run outside, some sort of precipitation happens threatening my immune system. 

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The race is the Fred Lebow Half (formally The Manhattan Half). Running this half goes towards qualifying for the 2015 NYC Half, if I decide I want to run it again. Instead of a tshirt, we got bike hats, so you know I was sold- random free stuff I'll never use, awesome!- plus the branding is completely RAD and speaking of RAD branding:

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Lululemon's SeaWheeze Half marathon registration went on sale today. I REALLY need to run this race, for no other reason than I love the branding every year (and the awesome wooden "locket" like medal last year was BRILLIANT!) Seeing as I have decided NOT to go back to rematch the Disneyland Half (the memory of the SUN and hot concrete under my feet as not faded enough to get me to sign up for that torture) and it's the weekend after that, maybe it's in the cards?

But moving back to reality and the very real half marathon this weekend. So, all that's fine, but I've decided I will also be running ANOTHER half marathon the weekend after:

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because seriously who could resist this medal? 

How's that for training? I need to take these two races REALLY easy. . . because The Glass Slipper Challenge is the ultimate race and I need to be healthy and ready for that. 

PLUS RNR NOLA is on my legal birthday. How often does an awesome race fall on your birthday AND in your hometown?! For a second, we weren't sure this trip was going to happen (hence why I signed up for a race the weekend before) but I have officially bought our plan tickets and we are figuring out plans now. This will be B's first time in NOLA and we're very excited. 

It also happens to be Superbowl weekend. Boo. I've had to share my birthday and my hometown with this event many times, but this year it's really annoying bc it's in NYC, which means my flight isn't as cheap as I wanted it to be, but whatever. At least we are getting OUT of the crazy instead of going into it.

If you're paying attention that's 3 half marathons in 5 weeks. . . kind of reminds me what my first year running sounded like. So, it should be just like riding a bike, right?

from FB

Remember when I was obsessed with getting the ROCKSTAR medal (running 5 of the Rock-n-Roll series half marathons in one calendar year), that I accidentally signed up for 2 more races and got the Rock Legend? Well, I've heard a rumor (and their facebook page confirms it) that they're finally planning on switching up their heavy medals series. Guess who might need a new challenge? 

and I'm pretty sure that's more than 3 things :) 

What upcoming race are you most excited about?


  1. *sniffle* I was supposed to run NOLA. Now I'm extra bummed, hearing you'll be there, because I totally would have stalked - uh, I mean looked for - you. But I hope you have a great time and a great race.

    1. No!! What a bummer :( Hopefully we'll get to stalk, errr- see :) each other at another race soon!

  2. I love the Fred Lebow branding! Super fun! SeaWheeze is on my list too. But I think I need to save for a couple of years to prepare for the expo, lol.

  3. Yay for upcoming races! I want to do RnR NOLA one of these days AND SeaWheeze! I have conveniently forgotten the misery that was Dumbo and got sucked into the hype again.

  4. I'm most excited for Glass Slipper, of course! RnR Nola is on my running bucket list.