Sunday, January 26, 2014

Glass Slipper Challenge Training: week 17

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2.5M

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4M

Sunday: The Fred Lebow Half Marathon

I couldn't get to the gym on Tuesday due to another round of a foot of snow with negative degree weather. So, I decided getting reacquainted with some Rodney Yee was a good plan. 5 days later, my abs were still hurting. Yoga is no joke, especially when it's been many months since you've practiced. I should probably keep that in the training rotation. Then Thursday, I got a solid run on the treadmill, even though I was trying to make it an easy run.

Saturday, 8AM was the only hour of the day that showed sunlight, so that's when I decided to do my 4 miler. I was going to try to wait until after B went to work, but snow was in the forecast and I couldn't risk it. The weather was also "feels like 10". How in the world did I motivate myself to get out of my nice warm bed?! I had to keep telling myself this will prepare me. The more prepared I am on race day, the better I will feel after. 

It took me a solid 5 hours after the run to actually feel warm again. That seriously concerned me for the 13.1 miles I would be out in the cold for on Sunday. Spoiler alert: it wasn't that bad! I remembered to pack an extra set of warm clothes and ran with 2 pairs of pants. It was the coldest I've ever run in and coincidentally, the most miserable . . but more on that later. One day I'm going to learn that a 12.5 mile training run and a 13.1 race are NOT the same thing. I think I pushed myself too hard and I'm hoping I didn't do too much damage. Rolling and stretching are now a top priority for the rest of the week (as they should be always, but clearly I've been slacking).

As much as I complained and was super cranky about this weekend, it's done. It's in the books. Even though my longer run was not a great mental boost, I know I can do it. I followed the training plan almost to a T for Dumbo (or at least a LOT better than I am this time) and I felt great. No, I didn't PR but I wasn't in unnecessary pain after. I think that's the main goal for Glass Slipper- that and don't get injured from now until then. I just really hope it's a lot less painful than this weekend! 


  1. Ack!!! I feel like I've been in a bubble. I miss "talking" with you! I can't believe how fast Princess is coming up. And what is up with this cold weather?

    1. I miss you as well! I'm so excited I get to see you soon. . . let's hope it's not TOO warm though ;)

  2. UGH, I hear you -- running in this crap has been absolutely miserable. But I figure as long as we suck it up and get the miles in, that's all that counts!

  3. Brrrrrr!!! I seriously think that running in those freezing temps is worse than running in our scalding temps.