Monday, January 13, 2014

Glass Slipper Challenge Training: Week 14

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.5M

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: The Inaugural WDW 10k

Saturday: Volunteering for the Half Marathon

Sunday: Spectating the marathon- 3-5M-ish

It was very hard getting to the gym this week, but I knew I had to do it on Tuesday, since I'd be traveling on Thursday. Something is seriously wrong when it takes longer to bundle up to leave the gym, than the actual workout. In case you live under a rock, or in California- it's been insanely cold this week. Like, the coldest it's been since I moved here and pretty much in like 100 years according to the news. I could barely breathe just stepping outside and my face was windburned walking 1 block. Yea, no outside workouts were going to be happening.

Normally, I just switch out my gym shirt and throw on a pair of long yoga pants over my capris and peace out. But since it felt like -15, I knew I could not go out with wet hair and I needed to change everything remotely damp. I do not have time for this kind of winter, Mother Nature! I hope this is the last of the crazy weather. I will gladly take 20 degrees to this.

And speaking of weather, Florida wasn't that big of a difference. I was legitimately cold on Sunday- which was great for the marathoners. Of course the one day I was running, it was disgustingly humid.How frustrating! But more on the weekend's festivities in a future post. This "quick" trip has tuckered me out and my flight delay last night didn't help matters. Hoping to get back to normal soon! 

How was your weekend?! 


  1. Glad it's not just me that thinks this winter has been much colder than most! Was wondering if I was just being over sensitive! I tend to believe as runners we are more in tune to what the weather feels like ( we can actually say 40 degrees is not all that bad because we know it will be at least 50 degrees or so while we are running) at least that's my take on it! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!

    1. It's definitely not just you! It's COLD! and 40 degrees is the best running weather- in my opinion ;)

  2. I'm so over Winter already!!! This weather has just sucked so far. It's finally a little nicer this week - still cold, but I should be able to run outside which is a huge plus!
    You should be a spokesperson for Disney races for sure!

    1. I agree and I'm usually a fan of winter!

      haha, you should tell them that ;)

  3. It was fairly warm here today - I swear, Mother Nature is drunk. Or bipolar.

  4. I'm still mad that we didn't have this Florida weather last year. I'm excited to read your recaps!