Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just realized I have 3 half's in March

I did my long run on Monday bc I've been super sick (and I still need to train. Those 3 half marys aren't going to run themselves you know!) The picture shows how gorgeous it was. (ps- thank you, Instagram, for your amazing update! You make pictures look even better!) Why couldn't the winter I decided to start running be like this? Oh well. My Bragging rights rock.

I did yoga yesterday and I went to the gym this morning. I hope this keeps up because I am super out of training mode. Forget PRing, I just hope to be standing after. For the next week, I'm dog sitting my step son, so that means easy assess to Central Park. Wish me luck!


  1. I want to be that dog so you will take me to Central Park!

    Stop being sick!!!

  2. Just come visit. I'll take you to CP even though you're not a dog :-)

    I know right?! The weather is seriously messing me up lately.

  3. Good luck with your training. Maybe the beautiful scenery will help keep you motivated.

  4. Wow! Three half marathons in one month! Impressive. Have fun!

  5. Which three are you doing in March? RNR NOLA with me :-) and what others?

    And I need to get travel info on when you're coming home. Can't wait for us to run together again!

  6. Thanks, guys!

    Fred- The NYC Half and 13.1, both in NYC. Then Apr. 1 I have the 10mi in DC.