Monday, February 27, 2012

Now that's a coast-to-coast medal.


Rachel Booth achieved the epitome of the Coast-to-Coast medal this past weekend by winning the Disney Princess Half marathon after also winning the Disneyland Half Marathon in September.

Even cooler? She's from Louisiana!!

Side note: I love what Disney did with the subtle changes to the Princess logo this year.
I'm really interested to see the special edition medal for next year's 5th anniversary.

I'm so torn on the ever changing medal debate: Should it stay the same every year or change? If one year it's a crappy design, I'd be pissed (especially the year I decide to run it, hence RnR VA Beach) but if I plan on running the race every year I'd be pissed it was always the same. Oh, the curse of being a designer in a runner's world.

Do other runners actually care as much as I do? Yes, I already know the answer but it would be nice to here your opinion anyway.


  1. I like the changing every year if it is a race that you will be running every year. But like you could end up with the worst medal ever. Hard to say!

    1. If I'm running it more than once, I'm ok with one year it totally sucking. But what if I decided to run a race based on last years awesome design and then its crappy (coughvabeachcough)? decisions!

  2. When I know it is going to be the same I am less tempted to do it. I already have one Princess medal of the original design, so I don't really feel a need to do it again. Seeing that Donald medal was an extra draw to run WDW this year. I liked it soooo much better than the old way. Seeing as I am a total medal whore, I want variety. Eugene 1/2 marathon will be my first repeat so far, but that's okay because it is more local for me so it isn't like I'm flying anywhere to get it.

    I can't wait to see the WDW Marathon medal for next year!

    1. Well, next year is Princess' 5th year ;-) They always do anniversary medals for 5 and 10. . . . hinthint!