Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TourPass: Thoughts?

I received an email about this a minute ago and my first thought was "Really RnR?! You had to start this the year I'm not running an obnoxious amount of your races? Of course you did!" and my second was "That's totally badass."

If you're running or planning on running multiple Rock-n-Rolls to go for the heavy medals this year, you should check it out. It's $300 and you can register for as many races as you want (that are on the list) for the rest of the year. The list includes 5 of the races I ran last year. If this would've existed then, I would've saved at the very least $100. . which then could've gone back into the RnR coffers with merch purches, but whatev.  Who knows? Maybe I would've gone for the Rock Idol. Even with this list of races, you could easily achieve Idol Status.

The only downfall would be if their races are still running the way they were last year. I understand hiccups and whatnot when events the size of these are put on, but c'mon. None of the 7 races I ran with Competitor didn't have a serious issue that affected me personally. I hope the growing pains have worked themselves out (we will find out this weekend won't we!) because this company really has potential to be great.

I'm impressed with this option and I'm hoping this is a test run, which will get bigger and offer more options. It's such an encouraging way to get people to run more of their events. I also noticed that they have added RunnersTraveling, sponsored by Orbitz to their site. Smart move considering all runners who are traveling for races nowadays. Now just get your branding together, quit booking Bret Michaels, have your events run more uniformly, quit making it so damn hard to pick up your bib and this company should grow quickly.

I've also noticed they've added a new heavy medal to the mix. Random but motivating, I'm assuming for those on the west coast. Now what about a southern one? Or an east coast one? With the addition of all the races to the series, there are so many more heavy medal options. I hope they continue to add to the list. Maybe in a year or two roll out an entirely new set of designed Heavy Medals? That would totally get me to run multiple of your races again. I mean, who really needs (or even wants) 2 heavy medals that look exactly alike? When the time comes that I can start having race-cations again, I can always be persuaded with a sweet ass medal. Right now, I only have NOLA on my list (and a DC bib that I don't plan on using. Anyone want it?) and I'd do the disaster that was the New York 10k again, only because it's in my backyard.

Who's planning on running more Rock-n-Rolls this year? Does the TourPass make you want to run even more of their races? Anyone going for the Rock Legend? We can be twinkies!


  1. That is a very intriguing idea...I will have to look more into it! :)

    1. You should! Especially if you're going for the heavy medals. It gets super expensive!

  2. I get the new Pacific Peaks medal!!!

    This pass doesn't tempt me at all because none of those races are close to me. If I lived elsewhere it would be one heck of a deal!

    1. I want a picture! It sounds like a good idea, I just wish there were more!