Friday, March 2, 2012

The evolution of a [blog] design.

If you haven't been to my actual page recently, I finally got around to designing myself a blog header. One day I will get around to designing the whole page; maybe even before the second coming? Anyway. What kind of a designer would I be if I continued to use a standard template? A lazy one, that's what.

Don't worry. Being as finicky as I am, I'm sure I'm going to tweak it all the time. I've already switched the road out twice. It's hard designing for yourself bc there is no client to say "that's what I want!" and to know when a design is done. I can barely decide on what I'm going to wear on a daily basis, much less a design for me personally. You can imagine the fun it was deciding on my personal branding, let me tell you.

So, how did you decide how you wanted your blog to look?

Would you pay for a personalized design, use a standard template, or google the internet for one if you're just blogging for fun?


  1. I noticed the new header right away - and I like it!

    My blog was created in the most lazy way possible. I just used a pre-made thing and tweaked it a hair. I felt like I went above and beyond when I put together the world's simplest photo collage for my header. I live on the edge.

  2. Thanks, hun!!

    You're too funny. Yes, I do believe you do live on the edge!