Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Actual Everest might be less challenging.

How fitting I post this today because I just got finished booking our flight! Expedition Everest Challenge, here we come.  We also got our first newsletter from runDisney about EEC last week and it included a sample scavenger hunt question. I've been stalking the internet for old race reports trying to find out more about the scavenger hunt. I'll be honest, the questions from previous years are a little hard; tons of people have said this part takes longer than actually running. Yikes!

Getting a practice question made me very excited to see how long it would take me to figure it out. It wasn't hard to come up with taking the letter in the color corresponding the number and I got . . . wait. That can't be right. That's not a word. So, I emailed my partner to make sure the email was sent to both of us and to see what a different brain came up with. I decided that Disney accidentally made the color black instead of red, which then the answer would be RELAY. Relay. Race. Get it? THAT made more sense. My partner assured me it was meant to be BELAY, and yes, it is a word. One quick trip to google proved that was right, and I'm an idiot (seriously. What would a girl like me need to know that word for?). Super glad my partner rocks! This little exercise has been a huge insight as to how I go through life. . and I will be reflecting on that later. Until then, even if we take the time limit to walk the 5k, at least I have more confidence we will kill the scavenger hunt portion and maybe get to the after party before all of the food is gone. I'm really looking forward to riding Everest at night!

It also looks like they have finalized a course. Seeing as how the finish line is in Asia and the after party is in Dinoland, I think we will be having our celebratory Everest ride (and possibly a Kali River Cooloff?) before we get to the party. Can't wait to ride Dinosaur. Let's see how much I can remember after 10 years ;-)

What are your thoughts on traveling for a 5k? Even though this is a Disney race and it's much more than a 5k, would it be worth it to you to spend that kind of money on 3.1 miles?


  1. I traveled from Oregon to Florida for the Royal Family 5K when I first started running ... so obviously I used to travel far. Now? Not so much. BUT this one looks worth the travel!

  2. It depends on the location! :) And Disney 5Ks I would travel for. Yay!! How exciting!!