Thursday, March 15, 2012

The race shirt debate: a continuation

And while we are at it: Do you wear shirts of races you didn't run?

RnR always offers the option of getting the race shirt mailed to you if you were unable to run. I think that's super cool of them, considering all the things they aren't cool about. I mean, I paid for the event. I won't be getting the medal. I might as well get the shirt, right?

They put it on facebook and I think it's super cute, even if it is Navy (Seriously, RnR, stop trying to make Navy happen, it's not going to happen!). I love that they are offering women's sizes now. They fit me perfectly and it sucks I only have 1 out of the 8 that I own.

I have always been a huge advocate of not wearing any race paraphernalia until after I have run the event. I believe I have to finish the event, in order to earn the right to wear it. It seems only fair, right? If you wear it before hand (or god forbidden during. . . don't get me started on those people) isn't that false advertising?

But then again, I've never spend a reasonable amount of money on a race and didn't get to run it. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I'm having second thoughts (funny how that happens).

What do you think?


  1. Personally I won't wear any shirts unless I've actually competed in the event, just seems not right. Although I think I have just one of my shirts let that hasn't been cut up, meaning the first thing I do is cut off the neck piece and then usually cut down the front because they all make me feel like I'm choking. Now that some of the events are offering "woman's fit" it's not near as bad but otherwise most of my shirts are piled in my closet. Ironically all 3 of my children wear race shirts from events from all over the country - seems it's all the rage amongst the younger set, pffft. My youngest is a cross country distance runner - she buys a shirt at every event and she too won't wear it until after competing and then she lives in for the entire week after. She is able to purchase youth size large so the fit isn't so awful. kind of a toss up for you - since you paid for the event but aren't competing I'd say take the shirt, wear it and be done with it. How many people wear shirts & jerseys representing teams they obviously don't obviously play for all the time.

    1. That's super adorable, Lisa! I wish I would've done cross country, I was too damn lazy though.

      I cut up my shirts, too! I love me some v-necks.

  2. i have 2 shirts from races i didnt run... one of them i will not wear at all (bright orange tech t) just sits in the drawer should probably donate it... i didnt run the race and i have no good reason for not showing up ... the other (long sleeved cotton).. i have worn a few times as a layer, why? i was injured for that race and it is worn underneath something else... id be horrified if someone saw the shirt and asked about the race. this actually happend with a trail half that i volunteered at, i got a shirt (not the same as the race shirt but unless you rain you wouldnt have known that) and someone saw the shirt and started asking about the race and how hard core i must be to run it. at least i could say 'i didnt run, i was a volunteer' instead of 'yeah i didnt show up on race day'

    wearing the shirt day of race is tacky

    1. I have a shirt I got for volunteering and I only wear it underneath, too. Plus it's cotton, so whatev. I have also said it's ok to wear the shirt as long as it's inside out. . . so maybe that's what I'll do!

  3. I'm with you -- no more navy!! Enough!

    I got a free COTTON t-shirt at an expo for a race held the year before that I didn't do. I took it since they gave it to me. I've never worn it. I might just donate it to the second hand store so someone could get use out of it.