Friday, March 23, 2012

Capitol C-ranky.

Anyone else get cranky after a race? I know there are a few outside factors for my specific crankiness this time, but I also have noticed a few other times I've been seriously cranky right after crossing the finish line (offhand, I remember WDW Half and Relay). I also notice these are the races I was running injured or right off an injury. It's almost been a week and I'm still super sore, which isn't normal.

I also took an Epsom Salt bath on Sunday after the NYCHalf, instead of an Ice Bath. I just couldn't stomach getting cold again and I was not mentally ready to try and get myself through it. I had used all my mental toughness to get through the race. I had nothing left. Recently, I've heard tons of great reviews about Epsom baths, so I figured why not try one now? If they worked, it would make recovering properly so much easier. I think sometimes the process (get the ice, fill the tub, get some tea, put on sweatshirt, get in tub, put in ice. Add more ice because the first bag has already melted. Sit for 20 minutes. get out. Dry off. Wait for body temp to rise- sometimes I dont do that. Take proper shower) takes longer than actually running the race. So, I stopped at the local Duane Reade on the way home from the race and got me some.

Is it just me or are the instructions confusing? How the hell am I supposed to know how many gallons my bathtub is? How much is a fourth of the bag? Am I making a paste?  Did you know you can ingest this stuff? If I do that, do I still have to sit in this tub? Depending on what ails you, depends on how you use it. It's like a the Jack of all Trades with all the things it cures. It sounded like the wonder drug that was too good to be true. . .and it was. Here I am, a good 5 days later, I'm still sore and I'm still cranky. Did I not follow the directions correctly? Is there a trick to it no one let me in on? Boo. I guess it's back to ice baths for me. I can't afford to be this sore for 2 more weeks with 2 more weekends of races.

My next question is, if crankiness happens to you, how long does it usually last? I feel like I might be the exception here. It's Friday and I still can't shake this mood. It would be nice if I'd start liking to be around myself soon.

Ending on a semi positive note (so hopefully yall will still like me!). I'm getting ready for another 13.1, the last of the 3 halfs in a month. (next weekend is only a 10 miler :-) then I need a long nap. Even though this was supposed to be positive, I just realized I don't have my Garmin charger or my ipod shuffle charger. Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting to say the least.

Who else is racing this weekend? Have you ever forgotten something for race day?


  1. I used that salt stuff after Princess last year. When I got home my ankles ballooned to epic proportions. I had cankles starting at the knee cap. No joke! I guess it kind of helped -- but I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

    I get really bummed out after races - especially if it is a big one that I was really looking forward to. I think that's why I just keep registering for races right after. I'm like an addict and I have to keep getting a hit!

  2. And to continue my thought.... I'm surprised I was as chipper as I was after the relay. I felt great physically -- but I knew that was also the last time I'd see the relay partner before he took me to the airport. So basically I HAD to be peppy and annoying or I'd just start crying.