Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Expedition Training

The Disneyland Half sold out a few weeks ago. Clearly, the universe had other plans for when I should get my coast-to-coast medal (Tink and Princess 2013 anyone?!). Let's hope The Tower of Terror 10 miler goes differently. And even if it doesn't, I can't complain too much. I already have another Disney trip planned for May!
[insert clever pet name here] and I have decided to participate in the Expedition Everest Challenge. Why? Because once you see the compass medal, it's done. (see? Bling is important people. This year is the 5th anniversary. Fingers crossed they do something special!). And there is a special place in our hearts for Jack Sparrow's compass. One little glitch? My love's knee will not allow for running, so we are going to walk it. No worries!

In an effort to walk faster, I decided to give ChiRunning another chance, but this time get the book devoted to walking. I'm not finished reading it, but I tried to focus on the few techniques I learned in the book during the other weekend's long run partial fail. I noticed when I take my walk breaks, even on a good day, I usually don't walk faster than a 15 min mile. But when I was applying ChiWalking, I got up to a 14 minute mile! That gives me a lot of hope with Disney's 16 minute mile pace cut off.

From what I've seen via the internets, it isn't like a regular Disney race with characters and whatnot, so I think we will be good. Plus, as long as we are super clever, we might even finish the race before the faster runners! I hear the scavenger hunt is a little tricky. . but I also hear they are revamping it a little this year, so we shall see and report back!

We started training a few weeks ago, but took a hiatus for different reasons. It works perfectly with my regular training, too. I use it as my Sunday recovery walk after my long run. This past weekend we focused on hills to get fast, but next week we are back in! 9 weeks to go.

Any tips on walking faster?


  1. fast walking is so much fun! I secretly love it as much/more than running - especially how toned it makes your arms!

    Also, bling is SO key!

  2. The Everest Challenge looks like a fun race. I just did the Disney marathon and I'm doing the Disney Land Half. I'm so excited about my Coast to Coast medal.

    I sent you a reply to your comment on my blog, but I'm not sure if you got it or not. If not, e-mail me directly - weatherlymh01@yahoo.com

  3. No tips on walking faster, but I'm curious to hear what you think of this race. I'll look forward to your race report!

  4. I cannot wait to hear all about this race. It looks like the most fun of all Disney races!!