Sunday, March 11, 2012

IntenSati on The Intrepid

 A fews weeks ago, Anna Banana forwarded me over an RSVP to this thing called "IntenSati on The Intrepid". With the subject line of it being a Yoga class, I thought it would be super fun to be apart of something outside like that. As I was getting ready last night, I decided to look more closely at the invite and google the website of this.

What is intenSati?

Get moving and have fun by participating in NYC’s largest ever IntenSati class – and certainly the first and only class on an aircraft carrier! IntenSati is a revolutionary workout fusing high energy aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga and strength conditioning with spoken affirmations, providing a heart-pumping, exhilarating work out that builds physical, mental and spiritual muscle. IntenSati classes sell out instantly throughout the city, so now’s your chance to experience this workout!
Um, yea. NOT yoga.
Can I preface this with I hate taking classes? I get way to overeager to do the moves perfectly when I'm supposed to modify because I have messed up knees. I get frustrated when I can't do them perfectly and feel like an idiot. I never feel good after and my knees usually hate me a ton the next day.

But we went anyway to check it out. And thank goodness we did! It. was. so. much. fun! 
So, there we were at 11:00AM on a Sunday.
Co-founders of HEALTHCLASS2.0, Ellen Gustafson and Natalia Petrzela, talked about the Intrepid’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs for girls and HEALTHCLASS2.0 (, a path-breaking public school program empowering children and their communities to engage in new conversations about health, food and exercise and to bring about transformation in their own lives and the world around them. (taken from the facebook invite) After we went up to the deck for the class.

On our way up, we were talking to some girls who were IntenSati regulars who warned us it is a little bit like a cult with the chanting, but not to worry. Because that made us feel better. But once they started the work out, it wasn't very "chanty". There was an affirmation that the instuctor repeated, which went with the movements. There was no pressure to say it at all, but I found saying it out loud made it that much more fun! The Hudson was loud, so if the workout got too intense and screaming made you feel better, then no one could tell the difference. It really was the best workout I think I've ever had. Along with a great work out, which I'm sure I'm going to feel tomorrow, it made me feel good as a person. 
The class.

 Before we knew what we were getting into.
 After the class. Still smiles! 

With the price of the class, admission to the museum was included (if you didn't know, The Intrepid is a Navy ship that was active during WWII. Now it's a museum with all kinds of fun stuff.) 
So we played!

 We totally kicked out a few kids to do this.

 Pilots must be very short. Anna fit perfectly. I did not.

We sat and watched the Kamakazi film which was a little too intense for our Sunday morning. 

It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning!
You should seriously check out this movement. Patricia Moreno, founder of Satilife and instructor for our class, is incredibly inspiring. As were her assistants (seriously, if I keep going to classes can I have their arms?!) On her site, her schedule says she teaches at Equinox. Looks like I might need a membership.
Do you have a favorite class that makes you feel good physically and mentally?


  1. Great article!!! In case Equinox isn't in your future, there are lots of other intenSati classes all over town! I happen to teach it at the Vanderbilt YMCA, Ripley Grier and for Equinox's partnership with NYC parks & rec (I also teach at Equinox)!! On the leader page of the intenSati website you can find all of our classes. I'd love to invite you to any of mine!

    1. Thanks, Jolynn!! I will definitely look into that. Equinox isn't really in my future, but I'd love to go to more classes.