Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've been looking forward to this race, since last year's. I saw the medal and was super pissed I didn't take a chance and run it. It was a few weeks before my 1st official half, so I wasn't sure if my body could handle doing something like that (little did I know. . .) and even though I was trained, I still didn't believe I could do it. So, 1 year and 9 halfs later, I finished my 10th half in my hometown!

I think this was my favorite race to date! I'm not trying to be bias. The roads were a mess (it felt like I ran a half marathon entirely on cobblestones and I got my 1st blister ever), it was freezing in the morning, then hot! (and I was totally overdressed in capris and knee socks. . dying, I tell you!) and I didn't even stay sub3, but there is definitely something to say for running in your hometown! I loved knowing exactly where we were running. I was starting to fade after mile 9, but then I knew The St. Louis Cathedral was coming up, so I got excited again. I kept giving myself landmarks to get to and it worked!

Ready for the picture tour? Warning: It's obnoxious!

 Good Morning, blurry Superdome (exactly how I felt.)

 Good Morning Runners!
I do like the set up of the NOLA race. The Runner's Village was in Lafayette Square and the corrals lined the outside of it. Perfect if you ask me!

 Hello, Parking spot.
Another great thing about a local race? Having friends with friends who live by the start. We parked a half a block away in gated parking and got to use a real bathroom. I also did the VIP potty which will be another post.

 Hello, Start line!

 Hello, Lee Circle!

 Hello, St. Charles Avenue!

 Hello, Awesome Cheerleaders!

 Hello, Walgreens! 
I totally watched a few runners duck in here. Maybe for sunscreen?

 Helloo, New Orleans Hamburger! 
Little did I know, that's where I'd be eating my post-race celebration dinner!

 Hello, Beads in trees!
Mardi Gras was a couple of weeks ago and we were running on part of the parade route.

 Hello, Pink Crane?

 Oh! It's a Demo Diva. 
(only in New Orleans)

Yes. I did that. My only regret? Not posing like I was on a bull.

 Another Bead Puppy. I spent the rest of the race looking for more, but that's all I saw.
How much fun are they?! 

 Street car Statue in front of Fat Harry's. These were also fun to look for.

 Another one in front of Superior Grill.
sidenote: I totally climbed on one of these a few Mardi Gras back. True Story. I was drunk.

 A waiter for Commander's Palace walking to work.
I saw a few of them. Obviously our route messed up their route. Sorry!

 Best Idea ever.
Right before this sign, I was totally thinking I needed to start taking in more electrolytes. I wasn't expecting it to be so hot! It was freezing the night before and that morning. But I forgot it's a different kind of cold. Oh well. 

 1st attempt to take a picture of myself while running a race.
Clearly, I was enjoying the hell out of this!

 Yes, Mr. Pelican, I concur!

 The WWII Museum!

 Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar. I used to love going there!
Pay attention to the people by the stop sign. . . 

 He was proposing!!!

 Most Epic Cheerleader Ever. She was AMAZING!

 She ran with the soldiers for a second and encouraged the hell out of them and me.

 Rocker Dude! 

 Crescent City Brewhouse. I spent a NYE there once.

 Jax Brewery. Where Pat O's on the River is.

 St. Louis Cathedral! 
It was so gorgeous that day. I needed the motivation at that moment, too.

 Cafe Du Monde! 
What I wouldn't give for a beignet right now.

 This is where a RnR photographer stopped me for a promotional photo. 
Be on the look out, I might be famous soon!
 French Market.

 My High School!
 I knew once I saw this I was close to done, because the finish line was behind this:

 Hello, NOMA!

 Best Part of the Race?
My Daddy ran a little bit with me! 
I can't express to you how amazing it is to have your family on the course.

 The End.

The finish line festivities were super crowded and it looked like everyone was having fun. 
I wanted to stay longer, but I needed food more.

Half Marathon #10!!

PS: Did this happen to anyone else?!?!
My beads bled on me! Thank goodness I didn't wear a white shirt.


  1. I was just in New Orleans two weeks ago!! This looks like a really fun race and I love the beaded medal. Congrats on number 10!

    1. It was an awesome race! You should totally think about doing it next year!

  2. I am a little upset our race morning photo didn't make the blog, regardless of what we looked like. We were about to run a half / full marathon. Who cares how bad the hair was?!? Regardless, congrats on number 10! I'm so proud.

    These photos were awesome. I forgot about some of these sights, so I loved seeing them in the recap!

    1. I'm so sorry. I will post asap.

      I don't think I would've taken so many pictures (and there are a ton more that didn't make the blog) if I was still living there or not from there. It was a nice little trip down memory lane for me. . literally.

  3. This. Was. AWESOME!!! Looks like a ton of fun, and I liked seeing New Orleans through Your eyes!


  4. Love it! I saw this post linked on a Tweet from RnR - awesome! And 10 HMs! Holy cow! That's rad. Good job and I love all the pictures. I am picture taking fool when I'm out there running races...

  5. I was just searching for a couple of R&R NOLA race reports and found yours! I live in Colorado and grew up in New Orleans too. I was super excited to do this race and run my first race in my hometown. I also graduated from Cabrini - Class of 86! Congrats on the run and great race report! I didn't take any photos during the race. I usually take tons but I wanted to try to break 2:30, trying to take advantage of the training I'd done in Colorado. I finished in 2:32 and was super excited. Here is my race report. :-)
    Rock on!

    1. Congrats, Allaina!! How much fun was getting to go home and run a half?! That's an awesome time! I'm class of 2000, how funny!

  6. Great recap, Abby! Let's do this!!! :D