Thursday, February 2, 2012

Under the Williamsburg Bridge

 Hello Billy!

For today's 5 miler, I decided to run under and around my fave Billyburg bridge before conquering that massive incline. As I passed the entrance, I started feeling like I was in a super sketch area (but then again, I live in Brooklyn. . it's all sketch unless you know it) and the fact that I had more than normal cat calls on the way there, I wasn't feeling it. As I went to turn around and get back on track, I found these beauties:

 The pics don't do it justice. 

 It was refreshing to see some amazing street art as opposed to the crappy graffti which is taking over the bridge.  It looks like a bunch of school kids came out and played with sidewalk chalk. Sorry to not have a picture of the hot mess that it is, but I did not want it stinking up my blog with it's ugliness.
Amateurs please go play somewhere else until your stuff is worthy of being displayed, mmkay?
Until then, please leave my fave bridge alone!

Back to the run, it was good! No pain, just sluggish. Today is my legal birthday and seeing as I signed up for a 10k on my actual birthday and I haven't really done much all week, I figured this was a good plan. I also figured out why my average pace is always so high when I run around my neighborhood: stop lights. Yes, you can make fun of me.


  1. I don't get it - what's the difference between your legal birthday and your actual birthday?

  2. Psstt.... I have the same question about the birthdays!