Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th rest weekend.

Appropriate I'm not running this weekend, no?

Today was my first day of sleeping in since February. My #1 supporter's comment on this? "5am on a Saturday morning, it's really hard to love you. Just sayin." (Sorry, if that's is a repeat for those on Twitter. It made me laugh. I have the best non-running significant other ever, including waking up to make me coffee, sending me- without fail- race day motivation text messages and being at the finish line whenever possible. I'm incredibly lucky.) So, of course, my body woke me up at 8:30. Seriously?! Ugh. I went back to bed for a bit then we went to brunch, like normal New Yorkers. Now, I'm back in bed where I plan to stay all day reading.

Is it weird I'm  having race envy, even though I just got off of a 6 week bender?
Something is seriously wrong with me.
So. Addicted.

Scotland 10K
From last weekend: Proof I can blend in as a normal runner.

And Happy late Friday the 13th! My favorite day besides my 2 birthdays!
Speaking of:


A glow-in-the-dark medal with a working elevator?

I need this in my life, yall! Please please please universe allow this race to stay open until I can register or win the lottery tonight. I will be very sad not to go. I've been working my ass off lately (hence very little presence in the social media world all week) and it would be a shame if it doesn't work out. 

What are your weekend plans? Does it involve sponsoring me for this race?! ;-)


  1. I hope you can make it to ToT!! I'm excited for the medal. Glad you were able to sleep in (for a bit anyway!).

  2. I hope you enjoyed your weekend off! Your body needs that too. My running friend and I were checking out that medal this weekend. SO AWESOME!!!

  3. If I'm not racing I get major race envy, too! I could be exhausted and wanting to sleep -- but still there is the draw of a race that I always love!

    You HAVE to do Tower of Terror!!! If I could sponsor you I totally would!! We just got our plane tickets this week, making us officially set. Everything is paid for and booked for our fall vacation. Now we just need someone named Abby to come down to Florida then, too!